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Peter- Emotional story of a 10 years old boy and a baby goat , Trailer launched

Mumbai: Trailer of Marathi film Peter An emotional story of a 10 years old boy Dhanya and a baby goat  launched at Mumbai suburban in presence of cast and crew. Under the banner of  Aanandi Enterprise and Jumping Tomato Marketing pvt ltd in association with the Seven Colours Cinevision,the film Peter is directed by Amol Arvind Bhave. Alongwith the trailer, the songs were also released with the live performance by singer Saee Joshi.The event was followed by media interaction.

The producer-cum-director Amol Arvind Bhave, along with other producers Dipankar Ramteke and Rohandeep Singh were present at the event. The star cast Prem Borhade, Manisha Bhor, Amol Pansare, Vinietaa Sancheti and Siddheshwar Siddhesh were also present at the event along with musician Shree Gurunath Shree, Singer Saee Joshi and lyricist Rangnath Gajre.
Peter is an emotional story of a 10 year old boy Dhanya and a baby-goat. The innocent friendship between these two is heart-touching. Dhanya’s grandfather took Dhanya’s uncle to Godman because their have been 5 years Dhanya’s uncle’s were was not having kid. Godman says them that   sacrifice the goat to lord sonoba. Due to this Dhanya’s father and his uncle start searching for the goat but due to village fair, all the goats had been scarified and after searching in other four villages then also they couldn’t find any the goat. After searching this much in front of one house they saw one baby goat who’s mother was beaten by the snake and she has been dead and that baby goat was too small for the sacrifice. So they planed to sacrifice that baby goat after raising it for 5-6 months and they bring that baby goat to their home  the raising of the baby goat comes to Dhanya who gladly accept it and treat that baby goat as his brother. Dhanya was called spiderman by everyone due to this his school friends start calling goat as “Peter”.The affection between Dhanya and Peter grew day by day and Dhanya’s mother was watching this as Peter was also growing up day by day this made Dhanya’s mother to worry about Peter and the sacrifice day came, Dhanya’s mother started to refuse but then also they scarified the Peter and after seeing all this Dhanya goes in shock. But soon Dhanya’s all family members comes to know that his uncle and aunt will never have a kid as his aunt was taking contraceptive pills. And then they come to know that the Godman was false in all this Peter had to sacrifice his life and Dhanya was alive but he was seems to be dead.To cure Dhanya his mother starts efforting.

Watch it in theatre on 22nd January, 2021 to know what happens to the baby-goat. Has Dhanya’s mother’s efforts succeeded? Is Dhanya got cured? Zee music has released the music of the film.

On the occasion Amol Arvind Bhave quoted Peter as an emotional film. The relationship between a young boy and a baby-goat has been beautifully shown on the screen. Animals built up the bonding very innocently. I am really grateful to the cast and crew for the fabulous job. Such amazing stories and performances will lead the Marathi film industry to the great heights. With the green signal from the government authority we are releasing the film on 22nd January.