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Plan your entire year with these personalised planners from Vistaprint

It is a fact that we are all addicted to laptops and smartphones these days. However, our to-do lists may be on Google keep, Notepads and sticky notes but beautiful planners like customised notebooks, diary, organiser and desk accessories like personalised mouse pads, calendars will never go out of style. These in fact are a great collection for all working professionals which can be used for home offices as well.

So, if you have an inclination for personalised heartfelt products, then check out the widest range of personalised planners from Vistaprint India, a one-stop personalised platform for individuals, businesses, and corporates. To accomplish your goals, it is worth a while to pick one up now from to make a fresh start this new year.

You can choose your pick from the list below:

  1. Customised diary / Writing pad / Journal – Stationery items like diaries or writing pads always come in handy when you need to jot down important pointers or take briefs from your boss. But a better way to have it is  by adding your photo or a personalised logo as well as  text in it. You can also select a style of your choice from the platform and upload your own design.

  1. Calendars – Customise a year of wonderful memories with physical calendars such as desk calendar, pocket calendar, magnetic calendar, pocket calendar, etc.. These are best to remember important dates as well as to mark updates quickly. We have just started this year 2021 and one thing everyone wants is a year calendar on their desk. So why not get your calendar designed as per your preference, using pictures of your family or favourite landscapes or  quotes? You can also upload your photos, add special events such as birthdays or anniversaries, and get it designed on a glossy or matte paper.

  1. Customised Photo Notebooks – Ideal as diaries or gifting items for employees. One can personalise it using logo, photo or quote as well as customise the inside cover with a calendar or notes.

  1. Mouse Pads – Personalised mouse pads are best for gifting purposes in offices, as birthday presents for friends or family. You now have the option to customise them online. It’s simple as you just need to upload photos, logos or an artwork of your choice and designs will be created instantly.

  1. Mugs – Start your new year on the right note by sending high-quality personalised mugs to your buddies. Vistaprint’s full-color printing allows you to design your coffee mug by adding a special message, fun graphics, or both on its surface. Include a candid photo to delight your loved ones with a heart-warming gift this festive season. Customisable mugs are also great mementos that can be given to employees and customers at events or celebrations. There are different types of mugs ranging from personalised coffee mugs to colour changing mugs available on our platform.