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Protect your baby from those annoying companions of summers Chicco Anti-mosquito Gel and Spray for babies and children

Not only in the summer, but also in the mild months, rarely do we get any respite from being exposed to different mosquitoes & insects. Climate changes and increase in humidity further increases their spread. Babies and children are all the more unprepared to deal with mosquitoes and hence become easy targets for them.

These days when parents have become more aware of their surroundings and the health of their little ones, so while venturing out, they would prefer to safeguard their child from any sort of mosquito assaults. Understanding  that mosquitoes can bring with them various  illnesses such as dengue, chikungunya and malaria; and since babies / children can’t fend for themselves, parents would want to shield their children with a natural mosquito repellent and  protect them from irritating mosquito bites.

Chicco, a leading baby care brand comes to the rescue of parents through its offering of Anti-Mosquito Gel and Spray which are very practical and helpful solutions,  can be  kept handy or in the bag at all times to  protect your little one with a quick and effective gesture.

The key features of  Chicco Anti-mosquito Spray and Gel:

  1. Specially formulated for babies / children to protect them against almost all sorts of mosquitoes  in particular the ones spreading dengue and chikungunya.
  2. Made with natural active ingredient, it  protects your child delicately and naturally by keeping mosquitoes away both during day and night such that your little one can play and enjoy peacefully.
  3. Chicco Anti-mosquito Gel and Spray is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin  as babies need products with delicate formulation which not only protects them but is also gentle on their skin
  4. It is free from DEET, alcohol and colors which ensures natural and delicate protection for babies, and children.