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Quixy named “Leader” for Low-Code App Development in 2022 SPARK Matrix by Quadrant Solutions

Mumbai  – Quadrant Knowledge Solutions (QKS) announced today that it has named Quixy a “Technology Leader” in the 2022 SPARK Matrix for Low-Code Application Development for Business Developers. Quixy is a leading no-code platform helping businesses in 15+ industry verticals build enterprise-grade applications up to 20X faster without coding.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions examined the key low-code application development (LCAD) platform for business developers’ vendors by doing an in-depth analysis of their products, market presence, and value proposition. The assessment is based on primary research, including expert interviews, use case analysis, and internal market research by Quadrant on the low-code application development platform market as a whole.

As per the report, “Quixy’s LCAD platform offers a multi-tenant cloud solution hosted on AWS or Azure and is also deployable on-premises. Quixy is a complete no-code platform with integrated capabilities such as an app engine, database management, a report builder, and a dashboard builder that enables citizen developers to create complex enterprise-grade applications with integrated automation, decreasing the decreased dependency on IT teams and long development cycle.”

Quixy improved its position in the Spark Matrix from being a “Challenger” in 2021 to now being named a “Technology Leader” in the 2022 report. The key differentiator of Quixy, according to the report, is its ability to offer 100% no-code application building capability along with seamless integrations and multi-platform accessibility options.

Quixy’s no-code platform gets an edge over its competitors by being an advanced no-code platform capable of building complex enterprise-grade applications without writing any code vs other restrictive no-code platforms.

“The fact that Quixy has improved its position in the matrix from being a challenger to a technology leader is a testament to the growth we have seen and the success our customers have achieved through our platform.” Vivek Goel, VP Marketing at Quixy. “Our constant focus has been on providing value to our customers, and we believe it is one of the reasons why Quixy has risen to its current position.”, he added.  “The ever-advancing technology landscape necessitates businesses to digitalize business processes and workflows. However, the challenge lies in finding software developers who can build applications. Quixy’s advanced platform enables business users to create enterprise-grade applications without writing code. With drag-and-drop and pick and select functionality, application development becomes quick and easy.”

Earlier this year, Quixy was recognised in two reports: Forrester’s Now Tech Report for General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms and Gartner’s Voice of the Customer Report for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) for the second time in a row. Quixy also won the “Emerging Product” of the year award at the 29th edition of the prestigious HYSEA Innovation Summit and Awards in 2021, and the IT Excellence Award in 2022 from FTCCI, adding yet more feathers to its cap.

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