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Ramagya Mart launches Ramagya Vishwas for Indian Manufacturer

Ramagya Vishwas – Propelling Pillar of Trust, Transparency and Trade

Ramagya Mart, the new flagship enterprise of Ramagya Group unveiled its B2B home appliances e-commerce specialisation in September 2021 and the brand has been making news for all the right reasons since.

Aligned to our Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of #vocalforlocal, Ramagya Mart’s mission is to be the catalyst in making 100 Indian home appliance manufacturers a household brand names and inturn make them become atmanirbhar.

On this mission undertaken, Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director, Ramagya Mart, said “In a country of a 1.3 billion people, only a few Indian home appliance manufacturers that have actually made a mark in comparison to international brands. To explore a never before tried opportunity, Ramagya Mart chartered it’s mission to be the changemaker with Vishwas as our brand weapon.”

In order to do fulfill this mission, it became imperative to create a system wherein a seller/ manufacturers can gain the trust of buyers by showcasing authenticity via transparency of information, which in turn would encourage the wholesale and institutional buyers to transact without worry and make B2B e-trade happen.

Ramagya Mart has launched ‘Ramagya Vishwas’ and has offered this unique service to a selected set of 100 manufacturers from the 1000 manufacturers that are listed on the portal and currently the portal has 61 Vishwas certified manufacturers that have taken advantage of this Vishwas tool.

Ramagya Vishwas is a tool to build manufacturers’ credibility with buyers and the process is carried out through a physical-in-person verification and on-site authentication and the certification of manufactuer/ seller is conducted by India’s best known credit rating organisation on behalf of Ramagya Mart.