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RANJHA an Iconic Debut Track, Produced and Composed By HITZ

One of the talented music producer and DJ artist HITZ aka (Hitesh Ochwani), is winning the hearts of his fans through his debut track RANJHA. The song predicates the long-lasting romance of Heer Ranjha. It’s the recreation of the tragic love journey and romance of Heer Ranjha with new age independent music (Pop Genre).

It’s the magic of love that nothing has changed apart from the fashionable ways of doing things that Heer Ranjha could have never done in their old times. As we all know 2020, was a tough year for all of us, it has broken us mentally, emotionally, economically. But, HITZ took the lesson from this pandemic and learned that life never stops for anyone. He decided to work on his craft and passion for music, to keep himself busy and this is how the making of his debut track RANJHA started. The song was shot in Goa. According, to HITZ “There is always hope for a second chance” be it love or anything in life for that matter, which is the message that he is trying to spread through RANJHA.