Relex Health Bridges Patient-Doctor Gap with “first-of-its-kind” Medication Therapy Management Program

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The Covid-19 pandemic has created disruption and placed a huge strain on healthcare systems worldwide including India. It is expected to uncover and highlight one of the biggest public health problems that affect India- the problem of medication Non-Adherence.

The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the higher risks from the virus to those who are termed to have “co-morbidities”. Principally these have included chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, other heart related issues, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), chronic kidney disease etc. It has been highlighted that Covid-19 can be best combated with a stronger immunity system. However, chronic diseases leave patients more vulnerable to infections. Issues of Medication Non Adherence are often observed in patients having such chronic illnesses.

Medication Non-Adherence is the intentional or unwitting failure to take medications as prescribed. By not following the prescriber’s orders correctly, the patient will experience decreased effectiveness of treatment which can lead to the worsening of their condition. This is a world-wide public health problem and is emerging as one in India too. Data shows that chronic illnesses are now the largest contributors to deaths in India. Medication Non Adherence also leads to increased risks and expenses from hospitalization and other health care costs.

Relex Health, a healthcare start-up, recently announced a “first- of- its- kind” Medication Therapy Management Program in India to systematically address the serious public health problem of Medication Non Adherence. The program also helps improve the general condition  and quality of life of individuals with chronic illnesses. The Medication Therapy Management Program is a unique home-service model designed for Indian conditions that plays an important role in controlling chronic conditions, treating temporary conditions, and overall long-term health and well-being.

Chandrashekar Kini, Co-Founder and Director, Relex Health, said, “At times such as these, knowledge and expertise are put to test as well its best application. The Relex program is a bridge of support between the patient and doctor delivered at patients’ home by qualified and trained professionals and healthcare advisors.

We, at Relex Health, leveraged the knowledge and experience of our promoters in the pharma retail and supply chain as well as our deep relationships with reputed distributors to deliver a very structured program at a very economic price and ensure near 100% fill of medication. We hope to benefit the widest number of citizens with chronic diseases in our country”

The program consists of:

  • Detailed guidance on the correct use of drugs as per prescription, correct storage of medication and on adverse reactions (side effects)
  • Disciplined and regular monthly monitoring and counselling to patients on their medication and tracking of outcomes
  • Maintenance of medication adherence records that provide a good input to doctors and patients to achieve positive levels in their adherence journeys
  • Complete management and tracking of the medication for all its patients and ensuring full availability strictly as per prescription
  • Quick response to changes in prescription advised by patient’s doctor
  • Taking back unused medicines in case of change in medication duly approved by the treating physician

The first lock down for Covid19 created a lot of disruption and difficulties in Bangalore for accessing medicines. However, patients who joined the Relex program were well take care of.  Relex anticipated the disruption and in a short period of time, arranged full medication of the entire prescription with 100% fill to its entire patient base so that all of them would have stock for 60 days and did not face any difficulties at all.

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