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Saudi Ministry of Culture to Host Second Edition of Traditional Performance Arts Festival

  • Saudi Ministry of Culture presents the second edition of the Traditional Performance Arts Festival, a vibrant celebration of Saudi Arabia’s diverse traditional performing arts from five distinct regions.
  • The festival will take place from September 28 to 30 in the picturesque city of Al Bahah, nestled in the scenic Sarawat Mountains.
  • This festival celebrates tradition and its legacy for future generations, showcasing pride in the cultural identity rooted in these artistic expressions.

Riyadh: The Saudi Ministry of Culture announces the upcoming Traditional Performance Art Festival, a cultural and heritage celebration that honours authentic folk arts from various regions of Saudi Arabia. The festival, now in its second edition, will take place in the enchanting city of Al Bahah from September 28 to 30, 2023.

Traditional performing arts encompass a diverse range of artistic expressions, including tales, riddles, poems, chants, songs, rhymes, drawings, figures, and carvings. Recognizing the significance of these art forms, the Ministry of Culture has created a festival that not only tells the history of traditional performing arts but also explores their cultural dimensions.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Al Bahah, a city nestled in the scenic Sarawat Mountains, the Traditional Performance Art Festival will showcase the vibrant heritage of Saudi Arabia. The festival will feature authentic folk arts from five distinct regions: northern, western, southern, central, and eastern. Each region will present its unique performing arts, complete with traditional costumes, musical instruments, and culinary delights. Among the well-known folk arts highlighted will be the Samri and Khabiti dances, celebrated in various corners of the Kingdom.

Visitors will be fully immersed in the cultural tapestry of traditional performances and activities, such as the captivating “Stories of Art”, “Depths of the Arts”, and the wonderfully evocative “Field of Creativity”. The festival promises to be an interactive experience, with various themed photography areas, live performances, and an art gallery that narrates the stories and histories of each unique art form. The culmination of the festival will be in an original grand theatrical show directed by a talented Saudi artist that masterfully reflects the depth and diversity of Saudi Arabia’s artistic expressions. The Saudi Ministry of Culture invites enthusiasts, culture lovers, and all interested individuals to join this unique celebration of Saudi Arabia’s vibrant artistic heritage. By offering a platform for diverse expressions, fostering a connection between generations, and celebrating the cultural identity embedded in these performances, the festival not only bridges the past and present but also ignites a path for future artistic endeavours.