Shrutkirti an affordable Indian wear brand aims on reviving and uplifting the traditional Indian techniques, the label has created employment for a plethora of local artisans

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India is of abundance, a land of 300 gods & goddesses, a land of 9 major religions & a land of heritage! In this mystical land lies another gem, the Indian Handloom industry, preserving & rendering a beautiful picture of our age-old heritage. Passionate about textiles and enthusiastic about Indian techniques, 23 year old Vishakha Sethi was prompted to start Shrutkirti, a clothing brand to bring back traditional Indian techniques in contemporary fashion. Each outfit is handcrafted and is adorned with lively colours & prints, specific to different cultures blooming across India. 
The fact is, today, you may not be keen to wear your mom’s old denim bell-bottoms straight out of the 70s with their tweeds and pinstripes, but you would never say no to your grandmother’s beautiful handcrafted silk saree. Something like that would be considered classy and vintage; and even if you don’t wear sarees often, the idea of converting that silk saree into a gorgeous evening dress is irresistible.
Shrutkirti works with an array of people: loom owners, independent weavers, manufacturers, and traders. The focus is on making versatile garments that are very easy to style. The startup use natural dyes for traditional printing techniques like batik, block, table print, indigo, baghru, etc. The product is finished with embellishments using hand embroidery. The home-grown and sustainable brand is suitable for all age, is always available, and is priced at a competitive price range of INR 1000- 7000/-
Vishakha has always been in awe of all the beautiful sights of the Indian techniques coming together to create a master. Handwork is a piece of art and it takes a lot of time and effort to create, which is one of the reasons they are not usually preferred. Fast moving techniques and garments that take lesser time to make are the usual choice of manufacturers these days but we as supporters of Indian techniques understand the need to put in the required time into each garment, to give the ultimate experience that each women wearing Shrutkirti deserves. 
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