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Tanqueray N° Ten Named Best gin of 2024 according to beverage testing institute

The iconic brand scored 98/100 this gin making it the only spirit to win a platinum medal – superlative.

Tanqueray N° TEN, crafted by Diageo, once again reigns supreme in the gin world, securing the top spot in the esteemed Beverage Testing Institute’s 2024 rankings with a stellar 98/100 score. Awarded the only platinum medal, it reaffirms its position as the epitome of gin craftsmanship. With captivating aromas of candied orange zest, cinnamon, and tonka bean, and a palate boasting chamomile tea notes with a citrusy juniper kick, all perfectly balanced at 47.3% ABV, Tanqueray N° TEN stands as a beacon of gin excellence. It promises an unrivalled drinking experience, perfect for crafting classic G&Ts or innovative cocktails as summer approaches.

Speaking about the legacy of Tanqueray N° Ten global brand ambassador Jenna Ba stated, “Our mission with Tanqueray N° Ten is to spark the pursuit of exceptional artistry on this global journey”.

Bringing alive the citrus heart of Tanqueray N° Ten in India the brand has been hosting the Tiny Ten Salons across the country in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa. The Tiny Ten salons are a celebration of the craft and artistry behind cocktail creation by working with some of the finest bartenders to elevate the iconic spirit by way of delicious cocktails. Each salon is a symphony of flavours, where creativity intertwines with tradition, offering guests a sensory journey like no other.

Jenna Ba adds, “This brand founded by Charles Tanqueray is soon to be 200 years, what a legacy! When you think that the recipe has not change since its inception is a quality mark of defining a category”

To truly experience the citrus heart of Tanqueray N° TEN one can re-create the iconic Tiny Ten cocktail as suggested by Jenna:


  • 35 ml N° TEN
  • 35 ml Grapefruit cordial
  • Stir and strain in cold coupette
  • 50ml Sparkling wine
  • Garnish with Citrus heart edible perfume

Jenna further says, “With our signature gin N° TEN at its core, paired with grapefruit cordial, it showcases the intricate flavor profile of fresh juice, essential oils, and vibrant peels. Enhanced by the effervescence of brut sparkling wine, each sip is elevated to new heights with a spray of edible perfume, adding a sensory dimension that enhances the experience for both the drink and the imbiber’s senses.​”