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This Festive Season, don’t let Psoriasis patient be left alone

  • This festive season manage your psoriasis effectively as stigma and fear of psoriasis being communicable often leads to social isolation and loneliness and mental health issues
  • 66% of Indians have faced discrimination and humiliation because of their skin
  • Psoriasis can be effectively managed through safe and effective advance treatments such as biologics and lifestyle and dietary modifications

Festivals are integral part to Indian culture. While everyone celebrates the festivities, there are also patients who silently suffer from autoimmune diseases such as Psoriasis – triggering feelings of despair, isolation and depression. With 25 million patients suffering from Psoriasis, this chronic autoimmune disease causes skin irritation, disfiguring scaling and redness on the visible portions of the body. This can further lead to severe psychological effects.

Based on the symptoms and severity of the condition, dermatologists recommend advanced treatment therapies such as biologics. Biologics have proved to be highly effective in managing psoriasis and with strict adherence to treatment, it can also result in clear skin.

Dr. Anil Abraham, Former Prof & Head, St. John’s Hospital, and Consultant Dermatologist Abrahams Skin & Hair Clinic, Bangalore said, “The number of people seeking counselling or support witnesses a spike by 30-40% during the festive season. The awareness needs for correction and worry about adverse comments from close friends or relatives get fueled further around this time. In such scenarios, support from the loved ones is extremely important to help them to cope with such situations and to deal with visible disease with dignity using scientific methods to boost self-confidence through effective treatment. In addition to that, advanced therapies like biologics treatment have shown safety and efficacy and offer long-term benefits, so that patients can manage Psoriasis and lead an improved quality of life.”

The stigma and fear of it being communicable often leads to social isolation & loneliness, low self-esteem and mental health issues. As per a global Clear About Psoriasis survey, 66% of Indians faced discrimination and humiliation because of their skin. The survey also found that 26% of psoriasis patients had experienced refusals to shake hands. This perception often stems from the fact that psoriasis is perceived as a contagious condition.

While these treatments are important to fight psoriasis, it is also essential to be empathetic towards patients and encourage them to feel confident. People with psoriasis should not be pressurized to hide their flare-ups. They should rather be encouraged to be comfortable without having the fear of getting judged or stigmatized. Medical experts also have raised voices on the role of people in being considerate and empathetic towards people living with psoriasis to encourage them in participating in social activities and gatherings. This festive season take a step for your loved one and build an inclusive environment and celebrate the occasion with them without any disparity.