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UIDAI Working with the World Bank, UN for Developing Global Aadhaar-like Model: Dr Saurabh Garg

New Delhi : Dr Saurabh Garg, Chief Executive Officer, UIDAI, today said that UIDAI is working with global organisations like the World Bank, UN to develop international identity standards, keeping in view the experience of Aadhaar.

While speaking at the Digital Money Conference, organised by the Payments Council of India, he said global countries have evinced interest in replicating Aadhaar architecture. “This (Universal Global Identity System) is something we are very actively working upon, we have got a number of queries from a large number of countries, both in our neighborhood — Asia and across the world.  We had a number of discussions with them, some countries have already adopted the kind of architecture that we have used and others are keen to do that.”

He mentioned that in India every Indian adult has an Aadhaar now with Aadhaar covering about 99.5% of the adult population and it has become a financial address with the use of JAM trinity as it universalized access to financial services. 

Talking about the security aspect of Aadhaar, Garg said:  “Aadhaar is an architecture which has built-in privacy by design. The way we only allow the use of Aadhaar by way of consent and secondly, in terms of information security that takes prime importance for us. We have our data centers and we keep them isolated. They are only accessed through secured and identified and friendly mechanisms. We don’t allow any unknown method of accessing our systems.  We have multiple firewalls which we continue to update, we have 24X7 security operation centers, we continuously get feeds from agencies and intelligence on what is happening. Security of the data and system is of utmost importance to us.”

About 2500 delegates have registered for the two-event, scheduled for 1&2 December. It will see about 30 sessions and over 100 speakers from across the globe. The event, with the central theme ‘Innovation to Scale’, will discuss how innovation enables payments stakeholders to organically scale up the digital payments while ensuring that existing operations perform consistently and sustainably.

PIDF Scheme—Providing fillip to the dream of less cash India; Regulatory Sandbox – Assessment of learnings so far and the journey ahead are some of the important topics of discussion.

Along with PCI, the event is organised by Lyra, powered by PhonePe, and brought to you by WhatsApp. Eazebuzz has also partnered for the event as the digital collections partner.