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V-Guard Launches Arizor AC Stabilizer

Appliances that are vulnerable to power fluctuations of course require a stabilizer. Voltage spikes can even kill your devices. The advanced inverter air conditioners too are not immune to the power fluctuation which has become a common phenomenon during the summer days. The FMEG major, V-Guard Industries has launched a path-breaking stabilizer named Arizor for inverter ACs that complement the look and work of ACs. The appealing design makes it truly one of its kind in the market.

The V-Guard ARIZOR 4150 stabilizer for 1.5-ton inverter AC is also equipped with an efficient Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS). This allows the compressor adequate balancing time during a power failure.  Arizor is armed with smart output voltage correction technology which will adjust the regulation range to work under the voltage variation thus ensuring the most satisfactory power regulation required for safe functioning of the air conditioner. The efficient microcontroller operating system used in Arizor AC stabilizer ensures that the operation of the voltage correction mechanism is much faster than conventional circuits. With an ABS cabinet and a capacity of 12 amperes, the stabilizer is robust and secure. Distinguished by its unique aesthetics, premium look, sleek design and texture, this stabilizer complements the feel of the room as well as the connected equipment, making it truly the AC’s better half.

Commenting on the new disruptive stabilizer design, Mr. Mithun K Chittilappilly, MD, V-Guard Industries Ltd. commented: “V-Guard is committed to delighting its consumers with thoughtful products & experiences that will enrich their lives. The Arizor AC Stabilizer was created keeping in mind the consumer’s need for a seamless integrated design which will complement the primary device: AC. We have created a truly path-breaking design that will not just complement the AC but will also delight with its robust performance.”