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What is PCOS and how can you keep it under control

One of the most common health issues that women face is the Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. It is one of its kind of a hormonal imbalances occurring due to enlarged fluid filled sacs or follicles in women’s ovaries. The actual work of these sacs is to develop eggs. But during PCOS, these don’t release the matured eggs which leads to infertility in women. Also, the major symptom or issue the women face during PCOS is irregular periods. Other than this, even sudden weight gain can be a clear sign of PCOS in a woman. And because of these you face various other health issues. Though you get various ways to keep your menses regular and weight under control, there is still no proper treatment of PCOS. That is why it is important to keep your PCOS under control through various measures. Read about those ways below.

  • Start a healthy diet keeping PCOS in mind to shed weight — Shedding weight, even 5% of your overall body mass is important to keep your PCOS under control. To do this, start with a regular h healthy diet that is free of excess oil and preservatives. If you want to control your PCOS to conceive, then this loosing of weight certainly helps you a lot. 
  • Regular exercise or workout — A little bit of changes in your regular lifestyle will also help you a lot to reduce your weight and keep your PC OS level under control. For example, you can start the exercises which are specially prescribed for PCOS patients. Also, if you workout regularly like run, skip or cycle to lose your belly fat, even this will help you to keep your PCOS under control. Apart from this, there are some yoga asanas which are specially recommended for PCOS patients to keep it under control.
  • Buy PCOS balance capsules — Some of the PCOS balance capsules also help you control it. This PCOS Balance capsules include birth control pills that contain estrogen and progesterone which regulates your menstrual cycle. These contraceptive pills also help you control your male hormones including your hair growth and acne as well. You can also buy PCOS balance capsules like insulin sensitising pills which helps your body to respond to insulin and control the glucose level of your body. Other than this, you can opt for infertility medications of PCOS balance capsules. 
  • Take PCOS supplements — Another great way to keep your PCOS under control. There are multiple researches that have shown that the intake of PCOS supplements like probiotic help to reduce gut health, improve your hormonal imbalance issue and also reduce inflammation of your body. The regular intake of these PCOS supplements also regulates your menstrual cycle and helps in controlling acne and irregular hair growth in your body. 

Overall, we can say that just our twist in your regular lifestyle, careful intake of food and proper supplements and medications are definitely going to help you combat PCOS in a better way.