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21K School launches ‘Junior Ideathon’ series to help students gain entrepreneurial prowess

Bangalore: 21k School, India’s online-only school, has rolled out its ‘Junior Ideathon’ series, a platform where young student entrepreneurs can present their ideas, within a 15-minute timeframe virtually to a panel of distinguished entrepreneurs and businessmen. The ‘Junior Ideathon’ series has been created to help develop students hone their curiosity and innovativeness, and therefore develop an affinity to build their entrepreneurial skills at a very young age.

‘Junior Ideathon’ hosted by 21K School is based on the popular ‘Shark Tank’ format where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors or “sharks,” and persuade them to invest in their idea. The 21K School ‘Junior Ideathon’ saw 145 young students present their ideas across 15 breakout rooms to ‘sharks’. The students were scored on their originality, presentation skills as well as their in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. Students developed highly innovative ideas like dog waste composting, hydraulic ceiling fan, an allergy identifying machine, a self-walking dog collar, temperature controlled smart jacket and many more!

Gagan Mathur, parent of a 21K School student, said, “It’s great to see that our children are provided a platform like ‘Junior Ideathon’ by 21K School. This will definitely help inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs.”

Entrepreneurs like Sagar Daryani, who serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Wow! Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd and Ajeet Khurana, India’s Cryptocurrency Maverick have also been a part of the ‘Junior Ideathon’ series to share their journey and career learnings with the budding entrepreneurs.

Speaking about how the ‘Junior Ideathon’ will help students, Santosh Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, 21K School said, “Students are naturally curious and creative. At 21K School, we want to provide our students with an enabling environment where they can use their innate skills to identify problems and develop solutions. The Junior Ideathon series will definitely help students increase their knowledge of business, as well as, learn problem solving techniques and develop their passion for learning, experimenting and taking risks.”

21K School’s ‘Junior Ideathon’ series was kickstarted in February 2022. 21K School will be funding the top 5 student start-up ideas and will help nurture them into a start-up product to amplify the ideas presented by the children.