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5 courses to look up for in the Year 2022

When it comes to the future, uncertainty is the only certainty. In 2020, many companies, schools, colleges etc were forced to adapt to remote work. Today many workers have traded long commutes for casual strolls to their home office. For companies hoping to attract top talent, remote work is now an enticing benefit, and non-negotiable for many. Predicting which careers will flourish in our post-COVID world isn’t easy. Still, there are some definite trends. Of course, if you’re already loving your career, we aren’t suggesting a radical course correction. However, if you are considering a change, here are the top five growing fields in the years ahead.

Elite Trade Marketing Program: Trading has always been considered a challenging career. You need proper knowledge if you are willing to be a profitable trader. To help you with that, Booming Bulls Academy has developed a well-developed and perfectly organized Elite Traders Live Mentorship Program that will help you to learn about the stock market from scratch and in the most simplified way. This program aims to make you an elite trader with perfect knowledge of how and when to enter/exit the trade and book big profits. After completion of this program, you will be able to book consistent profits from the markets if you follow the right process. You can attend our 3-days Money-Back Guarantee Class at just ₹3,000 with Booming Bulls Academy.

Diploma in Web Designing – is a Diploma Course which provides education about Web Designing. Web Designing is a specialized field of IT in which skills required for designing a website and related aspects are involved. A web design diploma is designed to provide optimal information and skills for working on different software that enables the candidates to design a website. The diploma can also be pursued online from Pran’s Media Institute. The course duration of the course varies from institute to institute. The one provided by computer institutes is of shorter duration whereas those provided by colleges and universities are of longer duration. For example, the Diploma in web Design (UGC sponsored add-on course) provided by Pavanatma College is of two years duration and the one provided by Perfect Computer education is of three months duration. You can go to universities and institutions like Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Perfect Computer Education, Ahmedabad, Arena Multimedia, Kolkata, Pran’s Media Institute, Noida.

Diploma in Digital Marketing – DMI is the global standard in Digital Marketing Certification. Their mission is to support marketers achieve their learning ambitions and helping them realise their full potential. The Company was founded by Ian Dodson & Anthony Quigley and first classroom training on the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. We launched our postgraduate course DMI Expert and founded our Industry Advisory Council as well as signed our first educational partner. They Provide Quality assurance from the Scottish Qualifications Authority and mapped to European Qualifications Framework. They are the leading global standard in Digital Marketing Certification, we have certified over 30k people and have 165k+ members worldwide.

Business Analytics Certification Program – The Applied Business Analytics programme from ISB is designed not only to explain what each model does or functions but also to explore how businesses use them, whether it is to gather insights, solve problems, or predict outcomes. In 12 weeks, through engaging online sessions, you will gain a hands-on approach to understanding different types of analytics and their uses to make informed data-driven business decisions. Eligibility: Any Graduate/ Diploma holder.

Diploma in Nautical Science – Diploma in Nautical Science is a sub-discipline of Marine studies. This program focuses on the skills needed to navigate and operate maritime vehicles safely. Its study consists of a well-balanced mix of academic and practical instruction. It generally lasts for 1 year. Eligibility for Diploma in Nautical Science is coming through 10+ 2. Admissions for such courses are on the basis of merit as well as entrance. The average program fee for Diploma in Nautical Science ranges from INR 2, 00,000 to 3, 00,000. Some of the best Diploma in Nautical Science colleges in India are Dr B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Indian Maritime University, CTM, Chennai, etc.