5 Drinks that have successfully created a cult of their own in India

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“A Cult is something fashionable or popular among a particular group of people”- as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.

The art of creating a distinguished human experience and the science of creating a sense of shared consciousness, making that experience a ritualistic behaviour is what makes a brand a cult brand. In that reference, India has seen multiple cult brands in the past and it is not surprising that such brands are proliferating rapidly. From Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson to Nokia and OnePlus, the concept of cult brands is not new for indigenous brands or international brands in India. Following these footsteps, the FMCG brands are also surfacing with their cult like ritualistic customer base like Parle G, Kurkure, Amul and many more.

Here are 5 Drinks that have successfully created a cult of their own in India with a loyal customer base that are deeply in love with them.

Red Bull: Red Bull has successfully created an unparalleled presence and a cult like recognition not only in India but worldwide. The famous tagline ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ has created a brand identity for Red Bull as a drink which gives you a rush of energy, making it an appreciated drink amongst top athletes, students and youth. The brand has become an obvious choice making it an adrenaline-soaked drink with ingredients like Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin-B and Alpine Water.

Coolberg: Coolberg was launched in 2016 with a single-minded vision of catering to a new category of drink that is modern, trendy and aspirational. In a market where cola or fruit-flavoured fizzy drinks were the only option, Coolberg rose as an alternate beverage to what’s available in the market, giving the consumers a pleasant respite with a curated taste and a premium imagery. The drink has rapidly gained fame and became a cult drink for teetotallers and cola drinkers that are bored with the plain ol’ soda.

Appy Fizz: Appy Fizz is the champagne of fruit drinks. In 2005, Appy fizz was launched as India’s first sparkling apple juice drink. Bubbly, sweet and tangy, with a light refreshing taste, Appy fizz quickly became a favorite amongst youth as a healthier alternative to colas. With this in mind, Appy fizz was designed as a brand that would convey a youthful energy. Sleek packaging, bold colors, glamorous campaigns and today, the brand is bold, edgy, mysterious and encourages its consumers to “FEEL THE FIZZ” making ‘Fizz’ a favourite amongst the Indian youth. Pop open a bottle, drink it alone or mix it. Feel the fizz.

Frooti: The streets were filled with cafes and stores serving delicious juice drinks in glass bottles in 1985, India.  But there’s one problem; to enjoy your fruit juice, you had to have the time to sit and drink it. This is where Frooti was introduced to India as an easy grab and go carton filled with delicious mango juice. This was the first Tetra Pak drink India had ever seen. For the first time ever, you could leave stores and walk the streets with a fresh mango drink in hand. Frooti has created a cult like presence, making it a sole choice for its loyal consumers.

Gatorade: Gatorade has become a ritual drink for athletes and sports teams. It was created by researchers at the University of Florida in the 1960s to help the school football team hydrate effectively. The energy drink claims to be mostly water, with 6 percent carbohydrate blend in the form of the sugars sucrose, glucose and fructose, which helps to replenish lost fuel in the muscles. It made a lasting impression on athletes and sports persons as it rehydrated them quickly, replenishing all the lost electrolytes while sweating between a game. Hence, making their game better.

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