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Ab murder mystery solve hogi Bajpayee style on 15th October with the World Television Premiere of Silence: can you hear it?

Get ready to channel your inner detective as &pictures is bringing you a nerve-racking murder mystery to untwine this Saturday with the World Television Premiere of Silence: Can You Hear It? One murder, multiple suspects, and a thrilling chase to find the killer – dwelling in the unexpected arena of suspicions, the film follows investigation that ensures a nail-biting adrenaline rush. Known for his exceptional performance throughout that glues the audience to the screen, Manoj Bajpayee will be seen as ACP Avinash, a cop who leaves no stone unturned steering the ship. Along with Prachi Desai as Inspector Sanjana. Barkha Singh and Arjun Mathur will be seen in pivotal roles as well. Join the hunt for the killer on October 15th at 10pm only on &pictures.

Manoj Bajpayee exclaimed, “I try to bring in variety and diversity in my performance, it keeps the process challenging, which eventually translates into a refined performance on screen. I was trying something new with this film as I have never worked in a murder mystery genre before. What I loved the most about the script and my character was that it was a blend of passion and determination. And our director, Aban Bharucha Deohans, I’ve known for a long time and I wanted to support her in making this film both as an actor and a friend. She was very meticulous with details of the script and I found it quite intriguing which really helped us to don our characters seamlessly. Making it was a great experience: the livewire cast, the fun, the hard work, couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Talking about the film, Prachi Desai said, “I have explored many roles in my career but a cop is a first for me. I’ve always enjoyed this genre, it keeps me intrigued and invested at all times and Silence was just that. Even while reading the script, it felt as if I was reading a murder mystery book in a script format. To top it all, I was thrilled to partner with Manoj sir. There is so much to learn from him, the way he deals with his craft as a professional and as a person. The way he humanizes every character that he plays is something I would really like to imbibe as an actor.”

Building a pensive/ engaging narrative around the mysterious murder of Pooja, the daughter of retired Justice Chaudhary. When a couple of trekkers find Pooja in the woods, murdered, eccentric ACP Avinash Verma is roped in to investigate the case and bring the killer to justice. In the chaos of hidden truths, will the ACP succeed to break the silence and find the killer?

Tune in to find out with the World Television Premiere of Silence: Can you hear it on 15th October at 10pm only on &pictures