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Acropolis Inaugurates Mishti Masti – the drool worthy Mishti festival

Kolkata:  A soft bite of the quintessential jalbhara talsaansh and the sweet syrup of nolengur oozing out of the womb of it. Doesn’t it bring a visible rapture on your face? Imagine all this and much more indulgence for all and sundry out there at Acropolis Mall.

Acropolis Mall is presenting the third edition of Mishti Masti at its periphery from 22nd January to 26th January.

Mishti Masti – as is christened, the sweet festival is luring mishti maniacs or mishti lovers. People from all across Kolkata have started thronging to Acropolis Mall– to gorge on a wide array of sweets. Gourmands can feast on a myriad of drool worthy sweets.  All these assortments are to be rustled up from 12 noon to 9 pm during these five days. The quintessential sandesh made of Nalen gur – or the date palm jaggery rules the roost along with the medleys of traditional Pithe and Pulis.

Thirteen  Sweet Makers namely Nalin Chandra, Bhim Nag, Nepal Sweets, Poush parbon, Pithe ghor, Lovonio, Haji Allauddin Sweets, Sengupta’s, Adi Sree Hari Mistanna Bhandar, Jashoda Mistanna Bhandar and Satyanarayan Mistanna Bhandar, Mithai and Banglar Doi  will  showcase  varieties of drool-worthy sweets and traditional pithes.

All Sweet makers are pampering your sweet tooth with a plethora of options – Be it an assortment of date palm jaggery sweets in different avatars like Gurer Rosomaai, Gurer rosogolla, Gurer sandesh , gurer kachagolla  or sweets in specific flavours like Choco chips sandesh , 2-in-1 chocolate rosogolla . Gastronomes who love divine taste of Doi- can taste a variety of dahis from Banglar Doi .  If you yearn to buy Nalen gur for home, there is option for that as well. Pithe lovers will be spoilt for choice with a wealth of innovations.

At Acropolis we have been innovating and organizing varieties of festivals for our guests for over five years. Mishti Masti, had been a great success last year.  This year Mishit Masti has coincided with the holiday season in the last week of January which will conjure up a perfect reason for guests to congregate at the Acropolis Mall. We hope that shoppers can indulge in their winter shopping spree at several fashion, apparel, gadget, consumer durable stores inside Acropolis Mall while indulging in their gastronomic journey into the world of sweets and traditional Bengali Pithe Pulis. All our brands including Shoppers stop, Being Human, Jack n Jones, Body Shop, Lotus, Police, Colorbar, Little Shop, Starbucks, Sketchers, Marks & Spencer, Levis and many more are doling out discounts as much as 50% and beyond”.