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Assemble Your Squad: Discover the Powers of Bullet Echo India’s Heroes

Attention mobile-gamers! Brace yourselves for a fresh take on battle royale with Bullet Echo India. KRAFTON India and Zeptolab’s latest free-to-play mobile shooter emphasizes strategic thinking and tactics. Experience a unique top-down view with limited flashlight visibility, adding a new layer of challenge. Get to know the popular heroes, each boasting special abilities, and team up with friends to conquer the game today!

Stalker: Ghost in the Machine

With the ability to vanish into thin air, Stalker excels at flanking enemies and launching surprise attacks. Master the art of silent movement and become a shadow, striking fear into unsuspecting opponents.

Players can also avail the BGMI skin for Stalker for free by logging in for 10 days.


  • Invisibility – The hero becomes invisible for a limited time, but any damage taken removes the invisibility effect!
  • Team healing – The hero restores health to himself and allies within a specific range but is slowed down during the process
  • Passive skills – Reduction in heroes’ running loudness, increase in maximum health and movement speed and more

Sparkle: Shotgun Maverick

An ambusher-class shotgun user, when the squad needs a health boost, Sparkle delivers. This hero offers consistent support, keeping teammates in the fight with healing auras and dealing damage with her powerful grenades. Sparkle’s presence can be the difference between victory and defeat.


  • Grenade – The hero tosses a grenade that detonates after a while, dealing heavy damage to everything in the affected area
  • Team recovery – Restores health and armor to heroes and allies within a specific range
  • Passive skills– Increase in hero’s movement speed, weapon damage, maximum health and more

Bastion: The Walking Fortress

Bastion provides a strong defense for you and your team. He is equipped with a fast-firing, medium-damage minigun. He can deploy a shield, creating a safe haven for yourself and your allies. Bastion excels at absorbing enemy fire, making them the perfect anchor for your team. This playstyle is ideal for players who enjoy supporting their squad from the frontline.


  • Shield – The Hero creates a mobile shield which has high durability and stops damage from most weapons. Hero’s movement speed is decreased during shield deployment
  • Battle kit – Restores health and armor for the hero.  While in use, the Hero is slowed down for a short amount of time loses shooting ability for the same duration.
  • Passive skills – Increase in hero’s armor, health, weapon damage and more