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Be Safe During Diwali

Hyderabad: Diwali is a festival of colour and lights, not necessarily firecrackers. Let us try and be safe, healthy, and mindful of those around us, and the environment. Every child must be supervised by an adult when lighting firecrackers. If you intend to burst firecrackers this Diwali, please pay attention to these tips:


·         Buy fireworks only from authorized manufacturers. Dry them in the sun for 2 days.

·         Store them in cardboard boxes out of the reach of children and away from inflammable material such as a gas cylinder or oil can.

·         Never leave children alone while playing with firecrackers.

·         Only one person should light a firecracker at a time; others should watch from a safe distance.

·         Light crackers in an open area.

·         Always use a long candle or phuljhari for lighting crackers.

·         Keep two buckets of water handy. In case of burns, pour lots of water on the affected area.

·         For major burns, after putting out the fire, wrap the victim in a clean bedsheet and rush to a hospital.

·         Always use protective shatter proof googles while bursting fire crackers


·         Don’t light crackers while holding them in your hand.

·         Don’t bend over the crackers while lighting them.

·         Don’t light crackers inside a container – as in a bottle, tin can or overturned pot. This can be very dangerous.

·         Wait for a while before approaching crackers that do not light immediately.

·         Do not collect leftover firecrackers to make your own recycled version. Don’t carry crackers in your pocket.

·         Don’t store them near burning candles, diyas or agarbattis.

·         Don’t wear synthetic clothes; wear only thick cotton clothes when lighting crackers.

·         Don’t wear loose garments; secure all clothes properly.

·         Don’t apply cream or ointment or oil on a burnt area.

·         Don’t light flying fireworks if there is a heavy wind.

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