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Beating summer blues: Polycab India’s latest digital film showcases benefits of energy saving fan

Mumbai : Polycab India Ltd., India’s leading FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods) brand has launched its technologically advanced fans through an engaging and captivating digital campaign Polycab #SavingsWalaFan. The campaign is conceptualized to simplify understanding the benefits of Polycab BLDC Energy Saving fan whose core value proposition includes low energy consumption, voltage fluctuation protection and silent operation of motor.

The Polycab #SavingsWalaFan digital film is now live on digital platforms to propagate and reach a wide set of target audience. Polycab’s #SavingsWalaFan takes a distinct approach and rather eases the awareness-creating process in the minds of consumers.

The film presented a modern-day couple hosting a guest couple who is evidently tired with heat exhaustion and has just entered the house. The couple is left pleasantly surprised with the superfast fan and as they get inquisitive to know more about the ceiling fan, the technical expert in the film explains the umpteen benefits offered by Polycab BLDC Energy Saving Fans in a simple and engaging way.

Polycab BLDC Energy Saving Fans are conceptualized and designed on the backdrop of creating a product that is highly energy efficient, has enhanced mechanism, minimized energy consumption, and big savings on electricity bills for its consumers.

 BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current motors that use an electronic chip to convert the input AC current to DC current. Since no brushes are used, the frictional loss of current is low resulting in lesser noise. These fans consume up to 65% less electricity* as compared to regular fans.

Speaking about the campaign Nilesh Malani, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Polycab India Ltd. commented, “Polycab BLDC energy saving fans are the ceiling fans of the future, and integration of such evolved motors could prove to be a substantial gain for Indian households. At Polycab, we strive to closely engage with our consumers and communicate the benefits of future-ready technology in the most relatable and lucid manner. Polycab #SavingsWalaFan campaign is a journey which triggers the idea of energy efficiency adoption amongst the mass audience that can bring an acceptance of innovation-driven products like our BLDC ceiling fans.”