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Booster Chicken is the meat of the future recommends Suguna Foods

Bengaluru: Healthy dietary choices are one of the pillars of having a healthy life since they contribute to overall well-being. A well-balanced, protein-rich diet enhances muscle building, acts as an immune booster, and lowers the risk of any illness. Chicken is unquestionably the most abundant source of protein, acting as an indomitable sponsor, and should be included in the diet 2-3 times each week.

Here are some of the advantages of eating chicken.

Increases Protein Supply

Chicken has a high protein content. This vitamin is essential for every cell in the body. Protein is required by the body to produce enzymes, hormones, and other substances. It also aids in the stability of bones, muscles, tissues, blood, and cartilage.

Enhance Bone Health

Aside from protein, chicken is high in calcium and phosphorus, two nutrients that help keep bones healthy and strong. One can grow strong bones and reduce the chances of arthritis and osteoporosis by consuming adequate calcium in their daily diet

Improves Immunity

Chicken helps to boost immune cells in the body, which helps fight infection and recover from illness. Its protein also includes amino acids that help produce antibodies to combat illness. The Vitamin B5, magnesium, and tryptophan in chicken help to alleviate stress and improve mood.

Commenting on this, Nutritionist Ms. Shivangi Tiwari, Breathe Wellbeing said, “Protein is a critical nutrient for our immune system. Chicken, being a high-quality protein food, can help to boost immunity. Aside from protein, chicken is also a wonderful source of a range of other nutrients, such as Retinol (an active form of Vitamin A), Vitamin B B3, Vitamin B9, Zinc, and others, all of which aid in immune function. Therefore it’s important to include chicken as part of one’s daily diet”

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