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Camp of Life : JAIN International Residential School to host the summer camp

A unique opportunity for all students to explore Residential Schooling

●        The camp will will be held in two batches, starting from 10th April to 15th April (batch 1) and 17th April to 22nd April 2023 (batch 2)

Bengaluru: JAIN International Residential School (JIRS), Bengaluru, is going to organize an action-packed, thrilling, and adventurous one of a kind residential summer camp, ‘The Camp of Life 2023‘ this April for students of age group 9 to 15. The purpose of this summer camp is to help gear up interactive and application based learning processes along with providing  students an opportunity to study, grow, and apply the virtues of cooperation and independence.  The first batch of the Camp of Life will be held from 10th -15th April 2023,  while the second batch will be held from 17th to 22nd April 2023.

The camps will be full of non-stop activities based on experiential education through the concept of fun and learning for the students, where they will get a chance to indulge in their favorite sports, performing arts, academics, art and craft music, drama etc. There will be add-on activities like team outing, life skills, community development program with finishing school concepts.

Camp Outing provides the option of Trekking Camp, Microlight flying, Mysore tour or  Industrial visit. The Camp also offers visits to The School of Engineering, CNMS (Centre for Nano and Material Sciences), FCRC (Fire and Combustion Research Centre).

JIRS is well-known for being a complete residential schooling offering facilities at global standards. In addition to academics, JIRS consistently promotes co-curricular activities and active engagement in all types of life skill development. The Camp of Life program is a novel approach that aims to offer a number of cutting-edge components, including exposure to a new environment, independence, the chance to attend a real-time international school, elite athletic ability, group activities, teamwork, and much more.

The camp’s activities are broken down into categories for time spent and lessons learned. From experiential learning to career counseling, sports that offer professional national-level coaches. The Camp provides the chance for students to choose their favourite sport and also provides opportunity to professionally experience multiple sports at international standards.

The Camp also provides classes on skill development, robotics, culinary sessions, fun-filled activities like musical camp fire, watching movies, and microlight flying and much more. The final day of the camp offers a series of programs by the students, Student-Parent Orientation Program until Farewell, and more. The Camp of Life power-packed activities that will give pupils real -life experiences.

Mr. Sanjeeva Kumar Sinha, Principal, JAIN International Residential School (JIRS) said, “Our mission at JIRS has always been to develop our students holistically in every aspect. In this sequence, the students’ academic and extracurricular development will be bolstered by the Camp of Life experience. The environment in ‘The Camp of Life’ will help promote teamwork, leadership and unity. Students will have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom, acquire more knowledge about many things they are exposed to in the camp. Discover their interests that may have developed over the summer, take calculated risks, and try new things that will help them achieve greater success in the upcoming years through the school-camp partnership programmes. In keeping with this, we recommend parents send their kids to ‘The Camp of Life’ as a vacation gift this summer, so that students can make the best of their time by having activities based on fun-filled education under demanding conditions.”

The 6 days’ Camp of Life’ will be an unique opportunity for all students to explore Campus Life in a homely environment. The students will be following systematically scheduled programs and will also be experiencing the best of the food (nutritious, balanced & delicious).

Those wishing to register early can do so by submitting the online registration form through this link:.