‘Cannot do away with centuries of patriarchy overnight’: Vidya on short film ‘Natkhat’, Bois Locker Room controversy

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Vidya Balan has produced a short film titled Natkhat  in which she is featuring as well. The film is based on a mother who educates her son about gender equality, respect for women from a very young age. The subject of the film is very important and the recent Bois Locker Room controversy is one of the major reasons for it. The film also talks about the importance of consent when it comes to any kind of relationships.Vidya Balan

Talking about the same, Vidya told Mid Day, “We cannot do away with centuries of patriarchy, overnight. It makes you realise how we are products of patriarchy. These are young, impressionable kids, and that’s where upbringing comes into play. Friends, family, the educational system and media are all collectively responsible [in influencing young minds, thereby effecting change]. Through Natkhat, we have tried to show that change has to begin at home. Preaching doesn’t yield anything.”

The talented actor further said, “So, in the film, the mother systematically tries to change a child’s perspective of the power equation, gender equality, respect and more, through stories. Conversations around the role of parenting, and what constitutes consent should be constantly evolving. We are both victims and perpetrators of patriarchy.”

Vidya also shared that societal patterns cannot be changed easily. She added, “It’s too tall an expectation from films. When an opportunity presents itself, we are keen to tell a story that addresses social issues. At the same time, media and films have a peripheral role to play in effecting social change.”

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