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Cape Cod 5 joins South Shore Chamber of Commerce’s Partnership Circle

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Cape Cod 5 as a “Changemaker” in its Partnership Circle.

As the largest business organization, the South Shore Chamber is in a unique position to strengthen the South Shore’s and its residents’ future, and the Partnership Circle is key to moving this mission.  Together with its Partners, the South Shore Chamber is committed to making a positive impact on the business community by advocating for a fair and stable business environment and helping existing and future businesses, and their workforce, thrive and grow.    As a not-for-profit, they rely on strong private sector leadership which is why they are so pleased to welcome Dorothy Savarese, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, and Cape Cod 5 to their circle of over 50 other leading businesses.  

“At Cape Cod 5, we are committed to supporting the economic strength and vitality of the communities we serve. We chose to be a partner of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce to support their efforts to advocate for a vibrant business climate and create a stronger South Shore, helping local businesses and residents through the programs and resources they provide. The important work of the Chamber contributes to the health of our local economy and helps our communities thrive,” said Savarese.

“We sincerely appreciate Cape Cod 5 stepping up at the level they have.  I encourage all local leaders to consider joining us as a Partner and move our region forward together,” said Peter Forman, President, and CEO of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. “There are no two ways about it; Partners drive our mission to build a strong business climate which ultimately leads to the economic health and well-being of our region and its residents.”