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Captain Zack Launches Ready to Eat Healthy Home-style Meals for Dog Pets to Live Longer & Healthier

~ The brand launched ready to eat Paneer & Chicken Pulao infused with Ayurvedic goodness of Ashwagandha & Turmeric to boost your pet’s immunity ~

Hyderabad : Captain Zack, established in 2017, started as a pet hygiene brand and transitioned into a holistic pet care brand that specialises in creating chemical free, pH balanced, safe and ISO certified products. They are the first brand in India with veterinary licensed products to ensure that the customers’ pets are happy and healthy. It’s a proud and exciting moment for the brand to foray into the pet nutrition category with the launch of their home-style ready to eat healthy meals. The brand has very thoughtfully curated the preservative and additives free pet nutrition products with the introduction of the ‘Very Veggie Paneer Pulao’ and the ‘Really Real Chicken Pulao’ meals to begin with. The ingredients in the meals range from pumpkin, peas, carrots, turmeric and the hero of them all – Ashwagandha, which reduces anxiety in the dogs, builds their immune system and ensures strong heart health.

The meals are available in sizes 100 gm, 300 gm, 500 gm, 1000gm 1500 & 3000 gm ranging across INR 170 to INR 2600, depending on the size chosen. The products are available on the Captain Zack’s website, Amazon & Supertails retail store.

The packaging solution used for the meals is retort packaging, in which cooked or semi-cooked food products are packed and subsequently subjected to high temperatures to reduce the bacterial content and create a shelf-stable packaged product that does not require preservatives or refrigeration. Once packed, the food can have a shelf life of 2 years unless the packet is opened. This technology will allow Captain Zack to make fresh food more convenient, as the only thing that is needed from them is to open and serve like one would do with any dry food.

Pallav Gupta, Canine and Feline Nutritionist, Head Nutritionist endorses that the healthy meals are fresh & easy to digest, made from only choicest fresh meat and veggies and not leftover portions. The ingredients contain immunity and long-term health building Ashwagandha herbs which adds to improved heart, vision & skin health of the dog and are complete nutritionally balanced foods. 

What started as home-grown recipe meals in Dr.Mohit Lalvani (Founder)’s kitchen for his dogs Zack and Antonio to offer them the right kind of nourishment, has now led to category expansion in the pet nutrition segment. They have researched, studied and learned about what to feed dogs and how to curate the right nutritional balance. With the new food division, Captain Zack’s mission is to ensure customers get the option to provide meals combining taste, nutrition, and natural ingredients with all the love and care of a meal prepared at home to their pets.

Captain Zack wants to lengthen the relationships customers have with their pets with their wholesome ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ balanced meals which are easily digestible and enable dogs to live longer. The meals are prepared for human consumption also, as Dr. Mohit strongly believes there should be no distinction in caring for our furry loved ones needs and diet. If everyone is eating smarter in today’s health conscious climate, our dogs deserve a sustainable option as well.

The home style meals are a pleasure for pet parents as they are lightweight, easy to open, convenient with a longer shelf life and backed by nutritionists and vet approved; for retailers, the products require no cold chain or refrigerator storage, they take up less shelf space with no risk of breakage; for the environment, the packaged meals are a boon as it entails reduced raw material consumption and use less energy to manufacture and transport. Captain Zack is always quick to introspect and innovate for the future. The brand stands for the ideology of empowering pet parents to make conscious decisions for their pets.