Celebrate The Month Of Love With Your Favourite Havmor Ice Cream Cake

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Hyderabad: February is the month of love and affection, a month to say that you care. Havmor, one of India’s leading ice cream brands, is gearing up to celebrate this special month with its unique ice cream cake, the Heartbeat Ice Cream Cake.

This one of its kind Heart Shaped Ice Cream Cake is exclusively curated for the first time in India by Havmor especially for people who take their cake and ice cream seriously and like to enjoy the best of both the worlds. With scrumptious Red Velvet Ice Cream and topped with freshly whipped cream makes this Ice Cream Cake a love affair that you cannot resist. This ice cream cake will definitely make your heart skip a beat with every bite. So, surprise your loved ones- your parents, siblings, wife, special friends, making it a celebration to remember.

Go ahead and have a bite, bet that you will be craving for another one.

Available at your nearby Havmor Ice Cream store at INR 750/-

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