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CSMIA staff goes the extra-mile to create cherished travel memories

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has consistently been in the forefront of providing assistance to passengers at every step of the journey. A significant value addition to the mechanism, put in place to make CSMIA inclusive and accessible to all passengers, is the dedicated staff which personalise the entire process with their care and concern. Recently, passengers with special needs at CSMIA witnessed a show of great care and empathy by Mr. Ahbar Edroos, Customer Service Executive, who went above & beyond his call of duty to ensure the most convenient transit experience to two sets of passengers.

On her return from the UK flight, the passenger was to be received by her 78-year-old grandmother. On their way, the passenger’s grandmother had trouble moving forward while walking towards the car. At this moment, Mr. Ahbar Edroos, who immediately took notice of the situation spared no time to rush to the passenger and her grandmother with a wheelchair and proactively handled the situation and helped the passengers grandmother reach their car safely. CSMIA’s employee Mr. Ahbar Edroos was once again seen stepping up and lent a helping hand to yet another set of passengers travelling from the U.S. The elderly couple experienced the essence of the CSMIA’s care and hospitality as the passengers’ ward requested assistance from Mr. Ahbar Edroos for their parents. As a constant pillar of support, he ensured the elderly passengers had a smooth travel experience and provided for all their needs including wheelchairs and other necessary assistance making sure they make a delightful and satisfied exit from the airport. Mr. Ahbar Edroos efforts shows the very same commitment each CSMIA staff holds while extending their services not just to the travelling passengers, but also their loved ones as a marker of CSMIA’s world class hospitality.

CSMIA takes into cognizance the various needs of the passengers and consistently makes efforts to ensure the airport becomes a space which provides accessibility to a hassle-free transit experience to all. If any passenger faces any difficulty or needs immediate attention, one should get in touch with the nearest staff who will ensure immediate action is taken and that the issue is resolved. CSMIA has deployed teams at the airport to assist passengers for a smooth and hassle-free transit. In case any passenger needs assistance, one can immediately call the SOS phones on the curbside and the 24X7 airport contact centre on the following number: 02266851010 /02266850108.