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Customers enjoy healthy laughter, along with healthy skin, with Dermalogica’s Valentine’s Day campaign

This Valentine’s Day, Dermalogica, the professional skin care brand rooted in education, personalisation, and the human touch, is reinventing conversations around skin care. Dermalogica’s Valentine’s 2022 digital campaign is a fun, fresh, and quirky way to give its customers a healthy laugh, along with its commitment to healthy skin. Aimed at making skin care more fun and relatable, the brand has used cheeky puns in its communication, such as, “the only EX you should go back to is your EXfoliant”. After all, skin care is self-care, so why not! The brand is also offering special Valentine’s Day offers to all skin care enthusiasts; for more information, visit

Dermalogica has also recently signed on its long-time fan and user, Neha Dhupia as the first-ever brand ambassador to help deliver the message of skin care education and help their customers achieve their healthiest skin ever with result-oriented treatments and products.