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Dekton : Bromo and Milar by Hafele

Surfaces are the most important part of any structure. They define the vibe of your building and give you the basis for further designing. Dekton Surface by Häfele is unique in the world, as it has the highest quality and technical characteristics among the different existing surfaces in the market. With applications ranging from furniture cladding to flooring, facades to roof tops, Dekton can encapsulate any area in all fields, in all spaces, indoors and outdoors, and in all scales. Dekton’s superior technical characteristics offer unique resistance to UV rays which helps maintain a stable colour even in outdoor spaces and its excellent resistance to impacts, scratches and abrasion make it usable in high traffic areas. It also offers thermal shock resistance to heat, frost and thaw, so that the product can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. Häfele introduces two new finishes from this range, Bromo – inspired by nature and Milar – based on raw and modern design.

Bromo: Bromo offers a dark blue shade, inspired by homogeneous metamorphic rocks such as slate. Subtle, faded graphics, a carefully created texture and a natural aesthetic define this evocative colour, perfect for any type of environment.

Milar: Grey and brown colours come together to form the basis of the Milar colour palette, giving rise to a theme inspired by oxidised and faded-looking materials. Its bright, dotted graphics and its dark, sweeping shades create a strong personality, turning it into a versatile and full-bodied colour.