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Dine-in this Valentine at ISO Certified Spice Grill Flame with flat discount offers

Round-the-clock services of Vegetarian Chain of Restaurants is addressing Valentine’s Day in a refreshing manner

New Delhi: India’s fastest growing pure vegetarian restaurant chain announced a 20% flat discount offer on dining in on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2022. The month of love is here and based on the simple insight of how people from generations love to celebrate and spend time with their loved ones while monitoring value for their money and time, Spice Grill Fame brings in the offer to cater for their audiences with their love for food in the most reasonable quotes and let them enjoy best when served with their favourite cuisines.

The Pure vegetarian chain of restaurants is a round-the-clock food hut that is currently serving 55 active outlets across India’s major cities. It recently earned itself the ISO Certification 9001:2015 which is specifically designed for the Food Safety Management System and has become one of the very limited ISO certified pure vegetarian restaurants in India serving a series of lip-smacking healthy dishes in their catering menu.

Kewal Ahuja, Founder of SGF India Restaurant mentioned, “Valentine’s day is special by all means. We wanted to make it extra special for our customers, additionally because with the lockdown lifting and better conditions of the covid catastrophe. People are recuperating by going out of their abodes, meeting people, dining outside all over again with a lesser amount of fear and hesitance in mind. We can only wish to get things better with time and help people reunite with their long-gone feelings of sharing love and conversations in a restaurant or café, due to the pandemic.”

SGF Restaurant runs a meat substitute market as well, comprising soy-based products, ensuring good health and a safe environment under one roof. The SGF team concentrates on the taste, quality, and nourishment of each feast they prepare to maintain their standards. With more than 100 dishes on their menu, SGF India is India’s fastest growing pure vegetarian restaurant chain serving more than 1, 00,000 dinners. Besides, the one-of-a-kind brand is known for its lip-smacking north Indian food.