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Exam Ready With Gritzo SuperMilk campaign introduces one stop solution to all exam-time worries

Gurugram: With the exam season on, India’s first personalized health drink brand for children, Gritzo introduced a campaign showcasing Grtizo SuperMilk Genius as the perfect solution to beating exam blues. Gritzo SuperMilk has on boarded Mom Influencers as a way of attracting the attention of its target audience with a truly real campaign designed by Whoppl.

This is a crucial time for children and parents are constantly looking for ways to keep their children healthy, focused and motivated. In the exam ready with Gritzo SuperMilk campaign, six mom influencers on YouTube talked about how Gritzo SuperMilk helped them and their children during the exam season.

The campaign highlights the unique formulation of Gritzo SuperMilk Genius and how its personalized solution can help eradicate all exam time worries. Gritzo SuperMilk Genius has super ingredients like Brahmi, Ashwagandha & Shankhpushpi to help children with better concentration, increased focus, and stronger immune system. Whoppl has set out to create a real campaign for Gritzo Super Milk. This is a unique product that provides individual nutrition in different ways for each child, as Gritzo believes that every child is different. The goal was to piggyback on the pilot season, introducing Gritzo Genius SuperMilk through a mama influencer.

In order to attract the attention of the Grtizo SuperMilk audience, Whoppl sought out 6 mom influencers to help create 6 content pieces for the product that addressed different exam related moments and their impact on their child’s mood, behavior, and overall well being.

Commenting on the campaign, Subhadeep Dasgupta, General Manager & Category Head, Gritzo, says – “We aim to become every mother’s friend in her journey of bringing up her child and we go the extra mile to personalize nutrition solutions. Through this campaign we are able to address the pain-points of a mother at the time when her worries are at their peak by helping her child with the personalized nutrition they need during the exam period.”

Talking about the campaign, Ramya, Founder, Whoppl says – “With an aim to educate the many offerings of Gritzo SuperMilk Genius and the benefits of personalized nutrition that can meet the needs of growing children, the campaign managed to reach its consumers in the most relevant and organic manner possible by tapping on the mantra “A mom knows best”.