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Fathers in South India believes in Equal Parenting the most

·         The highest agreement with this sentiment is found amongst fathers in South India, followed by North and West, and East

·         On national level, 95% fathers in India agree parenting calls for equal effort from both parents

Bengaluru: While Father’s Day is just around the corner, misconceptions persist about fathers being less involved in raising their children or contribute towards the household. However, a recent survey report titled ‘One Mosquito, Countless Threats’, conducted by Goodknight, India’s leading household insecticide brand from Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), has dispelled this perception. The report highlights a progressive outlook that 95% of fathers in India agree parenting calls for equal effort from both parents, marking a significant departure from traditional gender roles and underscoring the evolving dynamics within modern families.  Region-wise, the highest agreement with this sentiment is found amongst fathers in South India at 97%, followed by 95% in the North and West, and 92% in the East.

Traditionally, mothers have been viewed as the primary caregivers, with fathers often considered to be busy with their work. The survey, however, reveals that 94% of fathers in India believe in being proactively involved in household chores and taking care of their children. Regionally, 96% of fathers in the Southern and Western states, 93% in Northern states and 91% in Eastern share this belief.

Speaking about the survey, Shekhar Saurabh, AVP & Category Head – Home Care, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “Goodknight is one of the most loved and preferred brands of households across the country. This survey by Goodknight brings to light the transformation in parenting dynamics in India. The initiative is part of our ongoing campaign where we are trying to acknowledge the commitment of fathers. Be it child’s sleep and overall parental duties, fathers are stepping up to deliver with dedication and supporting their partners.”

One key finding of the survey is that fathers have a softer side. Amongst the 500+ fathers who were interviews, a remarkable 88% of fathers reported waking up in the middle of the night to ensure their children are sleeping peacefully and free from mosquito disturbances. This trend is consistent across the country, with Fathers in Eastern region showing the highest involvement at 92%, and the Northern, Western and Southern regions following at 86%.

Shekhar Saurabh of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd, further added, “Goodknight is committed to partner with parents to deliver completely safe and the most effective protection against mosquitoes for their child. We believe that every child deserves a good night’s sleep, and we are here to support parents in achieving that goal.”

As Father’s Day is observed, it’s evident that their role in parenting is more vital and active than ever. The modern dad is deeply involved in ensuring the health and happiness of their children, embodying the spirit of equal parenting and creating stronger, more balanced families across India.