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Frontier Lifeline Hospital performs innovative treatments for Heart Rhythm abnormalities

  • Almost two-year-old girl from Myanmar saved from an uncommon congenital heart disease with corrected transposition of great arteries
  • 45 year old patient from Mauritius underwent a complex yet successful procedure pf “radiofrequency ablation”

Chennai : For the 1st time in Tamil Nadu, a patient with severely uncommon congenital heart disease of corrected transposition of great arteries underwent a successful treatment – DORV, Double outlet Right Ventricle with Pulmonary Stenosis to treat complete heart block at Frontier Lifeline Hospital. The young 1 year and 11 months old patient, Khant Maung Maung, was admitted with critically low heart rate. The procedure treated the two lower chambers that pump blood out of the heart (ventricles) were interchanged in location with the help of pacemakers. In an innovative approach, a 1.3 mm diameter pacing wire was screwed through the 7 mm wall separating the ventricles, thus delivering current to the appropriate ventricle. This procedure was performed for the first time in the State of Tamil Nadu, as per the MEDTRONIC the manufacturer of the sophisticated pace maker.

The 45-year old patient, Mr. Emmanuel Arnaud Didier Braunau from Mauritius, had a treatment with Advanced Pace maker after ablation of multiple foci and placement of automatic implantable Cardiac defibrillator. The complex, radiofrequency ablation, is a keyhole procedure in which cardiac cells with abnormal electrical activity are destroyed by precise heating of the target tissue using 2-3 mm diameter wires inserted via the lower limb blood vessels and directed to the appropriate location in the heart, wherein multiple foci of rapid heartbeat originating from the lower chambers were identified and ablated successfully.

Commenting on the same, Dr. K. M. Cherian – CEO and Founder, Frontier Lifeline Hospital said, “It is disheartening to see young children and adults alike struggling with difficulties to live a happy normal life. Both Ms. Khant Maung Maung and Mr. Emmanuel Arnaud Didier Braunau had suffered from chronic heart rhythm abnormalities. We, at Frontier Lifeline, have successfully conducted both the surgeries to yield positive results and ensure no risk to the patients. The doctors at the hospital have played an instrumental role in giving the lease of life to both the patients. Frontier Lifeline is on a mission to give affordable healthcare and offer advanced solutions to the patients in the time of need.”

Sharing his experience, Emmanuel Arnaud Didier Braunau said, “I thank my hospital Frontier Lifeline – Dr. KM Cherian Heart Foundation for making my treatment a smooth journey. The expertise, innovative technologies, practices and the knowledge the doctors hold is commendable. They have saved me and are continuously supporting me every day to grow out of this life threatening condition.”