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Gazal Sood: ‘Comedy is my favourite genre.’

Actress Gazal Sood, who has been part of some popular television shows and web series before, recently joined &TV’s gharelu comedy “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan”. The actress is essaying the role of Kat, a ditsy yet sweet and happy-go-lucky girl who struggles to speak fluent English and earns the ire of people around her who do not understand what she is saying. In a candid interview with us, the actress talks about her character and how much she enjoys doing comedy.

    What do you enjoy most about playing Kat in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan?

The show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan has been my favourite. I particularly like most of the characters and the typical nok-jhok between them. Speaking of Kat’s character, I have found her amusing and quite entertaining. The way Kat’s character struggles to talk in English has always left me in splits, and I could not be happier to play the character myself. I am grateful to the makers for allowing me to improvise and add my flavour to the character. Hence, I am enjoying the entire process of playing Kat.

    How did you bag the role?

My family loves the show, and I have watched many episodes with them. I got a call from production a few months ago requesting an audition video for the role of Kate Singh. More than I, my family was excited about this. I made sure to give my best performance in the audition, and because of my family’s best wishes and God’s blessing, I was immediately selected for the part. I was on cloud nine to learn that the casting team did not run through any other auditions and chose me to play Katori Singh (Kat).

    How much do you enjoy doing comedy?

Comedy is one of my favourite genres, as it offers true entertainment that puts smiles on viewers’ faces. I have done five comedy shows and feel that comedy is my forte. I am more inclined towards comedy because there is much more to explore as an actor. Making the audience laugh is one of the performers’ most difficult tasks. And I feel glad that I am being able to do that. Happu Ki Ultan Paltan has given the audience a much-needed dose of laughter for the last four years, and I feel blessed to join them this time.

    Tell us about your journey of becoming an actor

During my school days, I used to participate in all the dramas. I was always a big nautanki (laughs). And in my college years, I enrolled myself in theatre since I was passionate about becoming an actor. I remember rehearsing for eight hours daily along with my studies as I was focused on acting. After completing my studies, like many other actors, I came down to Mumbai with big dreams and no support in the industry. Initially, I started doing small cameos where I was hardly seen and paid. I remember getting 300 rupees after shooting for one of the shows for the entire day. But slowly, I got a hold of it and have been part of some popular shows and web series. It’s been five years in the industry, but I feel my journey has just begun.

    What was your family’s reaction to your decision to pursue acting professionally?

My family was not very happy with my decision. Like many other parents, they wanted me to get a stable job. To convince me of the same, they did not speak to me for two months after I told them that I was moving to Mumbai to become an actor. Later, my mother came to me and said you could go to Mumbai if you find a job first. I started looking for various job options and became a sales manager at Mumbai’s Club. After my first break in the industry, my parents finally got convinced. They started supporting me in my career. Along with that, I used to give auditions for shows. They have high hopes, and I am working hard for them.

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