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Get saucy with your festive hampers with Boombay’s lip-smacking flavour bombs

The countdown to India’s biggest festival, Diwali has begun! The festival of lights is celebrated with family and friends, and is incomplete without the joy of giving. Since eating food, sweets and savoury is an indispensable part of Diwali, what better way to celebrate it other than gifting some delicious treats filled with love and no refined oils, no refined sugar, no additives or preservatives.

Boombay, a newly launched seed to sauce brand has bundled their best-selling sauces in their Diwali hamper. Founded by Niharika Goenka, and curated by Chef Aditi Keni, their hampers are ideal for gifting your loved ones, and appropriate for the different activities/themes of Diwali.

Diwali Campaign: *not just a Diwali Bomb

Celebrate the good times with friends, family and a massive boom of flavours you just can’t resist! Make your Diwali parties even more festive with our flavour bombs in three exciting gift boxes of Curry in a Hurry, Chakhne Pe Chakna and Poker + Dips.

Descriptions for Pre- Defined Gift Boxes:

Chakhne Pe Chakna:

For friends that love to play host with drinks and chakna in endless supply, here is a delicious selection of condiments that can elevate every kind of chakna – right from makhana to sev puri, gift your mates easy and irresistible flavour bombs made from 100% real and actually healthy flavours. No refined sugar, no bad oils. Just real good flavour blends to gift friends and to enjoy with vodka, gin, and even wine. This box contains:

  • Smoked Chilli + Jaggery Dressing
  • Garlic + Chilli Stir Fry Sauce
  • Five Chilli Oil Topping

Price: INR 990/-

Curry In A Hurry:

Got a friend that loves to cook up a feast even when surprise guests come by? Gift your favourite master chef our delicious flavour bombs so they can spruce up their famous curries even in a hurry. Using no refined sugar and no bad oils, our box of all-natural condiments serves a healthy fix in just minutes and makes a great gift. This box contains:

  • Black Pepper Vegan Mayo
  • Tamarind + Spice Dip & Spread
  • Cashew + Mustard Dip & Spread

Price: INR 990/-

Poker and Dips:

Gift your party host an explosion of actually healthy flavours so they can make delicious party snacks, quick, easy and guilt-free, between big wins and tries. Made with no refined sugar, no bad oils and nothing artificial in sight, this gift box is perfect to take as a gift to a card party or even enjoy at home with the family. This box contains:

  • Dill Seeds + Herbs Dip & Spread
  • Schezwan Sauce
  • Sweet Mustard Dip & Spread

Price: INR 990/-

The brains behind the brand, Niharika Goenka says on the launch, “Gifting is all about what the gift says about you, the giver of the gift. Boombay is built on mindfulness and thoughtfulness so keeping that theme in mind, we designed gift boxes that will not be “gifted on” to the next person, but instead will be consumed by the intended giftee. Since we’re actually healthy, have interesting and exciting flavours, and boomy packaging, we’re confident that giftees of all kinds will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Not to mention the 6 month shelf life without any additives or preservatives that will bring you back to health after the festive season. Finally a Diwali gift that you will actually love and use!”