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Chennai opens its doors for a new tex-mex food diner – Jango’Z

~ The newest place in town boasts an assortment of exciting items in their menu, such as fried chicken, signature burgers, and pizzas that you can buy by the slice! ~

Chennai: Chennai’s burgeoning diner landscape has a latest addition with the launch of Jango’z, a tex-mex diner located in Perambur. Set to satiate the palettes of foodies, Jango’z will serve an array of delicacies like juicy burgers, piping hot pizza by slice and crispy fried chickens with an interesting twist in flavour. Inspired by authentic tex-mex cuisine, Jango’z boasts of a robust menu offering premium burgers, different sizes of popcorn chicken, and their crown jewel – their Pride burger, that features two patties – one grilled, and one fried.

The menu also offers a specialised dessert selection consisting of delectable pastries and cakes. Adding a touch of nostalgia and to satisfy the child in everyone, Jango’z also offers a range of creamy, delectable softy ice creams in flavours like chocolate and vanilla. Offering the perfect accompaniment to burgers and pizzas, Jango’z also houses a refreshing line of beverages like their signature mocktails that simply elevates one’s taste buds. Offering a one-way ticket to Mexico, the outlet’s ambience is designed with all true elements of a Mexican fiesta and also features specially commissioned wall art, with the mascot from the Jango’z logo being incorporated into a fun comic strip. The price range of the items in the menu starts from as economical as Rs.59

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Manuranjith Ranganathan, Director – Retail, CavinKare, said “Chennai’s culinary landscape is brimming with options and innovations. This got us excited and we wanted to bring some authentic tex-mex experience that is full of fun flavours for Chennai foodies. This led us to launch Jango’z, a tex-mex diner that is sure to be a gastronomical delight. We have incorporated a lot of tex-mex elements not just in our menu but also in the ambience to offer a close to authentic experience and all this at a very affordable price point. We are confident that Jango’z will be an instant hit among foodies in the city.”

The 1300-sq.ft sprawling eatery has a dining space of approximately 800 sq.ft, with a seating capacity of 50. There is also notably a space where the customers can see their orders being cooked live, guaranteeing only the best and freshly-made food. Jango’z is located at 70ft. Road, Perambur.