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MY LYF CARE hosting mobile health camps all over Noida

Delhi NCR:MY LYF CARE a health tech startup as part of their healthcare service are hosting mobile health camps all over Noida societies with free covid testings and will soon be hosting medical camps for underprivileged slums areas.

In times of Omnicron, preventive covid tests and at home professional care, rather than burdening the hospitals can play huge role in dealing this next advent of pandemic.

“Health Aarogya” is a 360 healthcare service for residential societies in Delhi NCR. It is a preventative healthcare system that includes B2C services from nearby professionals like essential routine checkups every 30 days (blood sugar checkup, BP checkup, weight, hemoglobin, oxygen level checkup, heartbeat and pulse rate checkup etc.) and cholesterol, ECG, LFT, KFT, eye, bone dental checkup etc every quarter. In addition, the subscription to “Healthy Aarogya” includes two monthly “teleconsultations” with a routine doctor, available free of cost, giving the common public a luxury of family doctor.

The first society where it was launched was Shipra Suncity Indrapuram, where they conducted health checkup camps for a society of over 3000 families. The camp also also includes quarterly medical camps. E.g. For a society of 1000 people, the price for a medical checkup would be INR49 per family with a maximum of five members. The services can be opted by urban communities, working and hostel Individuals at almost an average of INR10 per person in a month, which can be minimally paid through society maintenance charges, employee benefits etc.

The services will give you a real-time personal diagnosis of lifestyle changes, benefiting to evade the probability of more extensive medical distress in the future. Health Aarogya is creating a revolution in healthcare, preparing the nation for a lifestyle that is pandemic ready. MY LYF CARE app also has the fastest 30 min deliveries in Delhi NCR, like Zomato or grofers for medicines.

MY LYF CARE was designed and developed after Mr. Satish Singh realized the lack of robust medical infrastructure in India, especially regarding services in rural parts. So, with the mission to help make healthcare more accessible to all Indians, he established MY LYF CARE.