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How To Prep The Body For The Vaccine

Los Angeles: Whether it is fighting the common flu, trying to protect one’s self from Covid-19, or prepping to get a vaccine, having a strong, healthy immune system is vital.  According to two of the country’s top doctors who have spent collectively over 40 years treating the most famous and talented singers, actors and people all over the world in various environments, there are specific building blocks necessary to prepare the body for optimal health, especially in the face of a vaccine.

“A strong internal environment is the basic precursor for a better immune defense,” explains Dr. Bita Nasseri, CEO and Co-Founder of EUKA, a suite of products created for synergistic respiratory wellness, and a UCLA Medical School educated and Mayo Clinic trained doctor based in Beverly Hills.  “The body has to be primed to fight off pathogens and create antibodies.  There are simple ways to do this through a solid preventative wellness routine.”

“It’s crucial to attaining holistic health through a vaccine that one is recovered from any illness prior to receiving it, is well rested, and is not nutritionally deficient,” adds Dr. Shawn Nasseri, Co-Founder of EUKA and a renowned Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon. “People have a tendency to forget that their health is largely in their own hands and that while a vaccine is necessary, in order to optimize the effects of one, they must be laying the groundwork and creating a healthy foundation within.”

Following are the doctors’ own formerly proprietary steps and daily rituals and routines given to their famed patients to stay as healthy as possible in stressful times:

  1. CLEAN YOUR NOSE– “Wash your nose like you wash your hands,” says Dr. Shawn.  “Remember that your nose acts as an air filter and protects the body’s nasal biome, so keeping it clean and moisturized supports the fight against germs thus strengthening immunity. Spray a saline nasal mist (such as the all-natural, PH-balanced EUKA Wellness Saline Spray) every morning and evening and you’ll literally breathe easier.”

  1. STRESS LESS – “I am constantly telling our patients that stress kills like a disease,” comments Dr. Bita. “Meditation, daily exercise, removing yourself from toxic people and situations when you can, and supporting that with supplements that contain Magnesium will help calm and soothe the nervous system.”

  1. DAILY VITAMINS– “50 percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient,” states Dr. Shawn. “At a time like this it’s imperative that you take the right daily supplement.  Consult with a doctor as always, but there are systems out there that are thoughtfully formulated and include a curated spectrum of vitamins  A, C, D, B complexes,  Zinc, Folate and more that must be taken daily to complete the wellness routine.”  (EUKA’s Fite-Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Boost includes a unique formulation of the above with added phytonutrients and herbs in addition to B-12 for a fast-acting and effective boost of energy to kick start the immune system.)

  1. SLEEP– “Sleep has been proven to bolster the T cells in your body that fight off infection,” adds Dr. Bita.  “Good sleep does this by enhancing the ability of those cells to adhere to and destroy cells infected by viruses and other pathogens.  If you are exhausted, it is harder for your body to be in top shape to defend against harmful pathogen exposure encountered in daily life.”  Bita suggests setting a goal to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

  1. CLEANSE AND KEEP ‘PERSONAL SPACE’ PERSONAL– “Germs really are everywhere so good health starts with keeping them at bay,” explains Dr. Shawn. “Even pre-Covid I made sure my patients were conscientious of keeping their personal space clean in public places, especially when traveling. Wipe down any area you sit with disinfecting wipes and continue to wear a mask especially when in enclosed spaces with many people you may not know.”  (EUKA’s Breathe Well Antimicrobial Face Mask offers 3+ plus layers of protection and is crafted with a professional grade, antimicrobial-treated cotton modal outer layer).