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Indians should include Peruvian Avocados in their diet, and this is why!

New Delhi: Peru as a country is famous for its wide range of produce, and one of these products is the Peruvian avocado. A part of every healthy and nutritious diet in the world, Peru is encouraging Indians too to include Peruvian avocados in their daily diet. The consumers are surely motivated by the rich flavor-profile of this functional fruit.

‘The first part of this campaign is geared towards creating awareness in the market, by educating the consumers about the fruit and its consumption. By March 2021, we will be kicking off the 2021 campaign, which will also be the period when Peruvian avocado will also be available to the Indian consumer across outlets’, said Luis Cabello, Trade & Tourism Counsellor of Peru in India.

In recent years, avocado consumption has been increasing in India – a phenomenon that is explained by the greater knowledge and preference of consumers for this fruit, which has been gradually but steadily being incorporated into the market’s diet. Indians who value its flavor, prefer it because it is a healthy and nutritious fruit, especially the young people, women and wellness-oriented lifestyle people.

As part of the wider outreach, Peru will be part of Aahar-2021 “The International Food & Hospitality Fair” in 2021, following the precedence of the previous years. They are also aiming at being a part of the large Indian International Fair for the food and beverages market where the focus will be on sampling of Peruvian avocados while providing information around the consumption of the same.

Peru is right now the world’s 2nd largest exporter of avocados and is exporting Hass avocados to India. They are also the world’s 4th largest exporter of table grapes. According to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of India, there has been an increase in the Indian imports of avocados from $ 0.80 million during the financial year 2018-2019 to $1.23 million during the period 2019-2020, representing a growing of 53.75%, and the imports from Peru have a growth of 43.3%.