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Indus Health Plus data indicates a significant rise in the risk of heart disease Among Young People

ChennaiIndus Health Plus – a pioneer in preventive healthcare has observed trends related to heart health based on healthcare check-ups. The observation on health checkups conducted between 2021 –2023 indicates that 13% of the total check-ups were observed to have Abnormal stress tests, 29% were seen to have abnormal ECG and 30% had abnormal 2D-ECHO findings. Besides that, an alarming figure of 71% was observed with abnormal LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels among people who underwent the tests.

Parameters that were considered include LDL level, ECG, CT Calcium score, CT Coronary Angiography and Stress test for assessment of Cardiovascular status. The study’s sample size was around 25,000 people from different age groups.

Speaking on the health checkup data, Mr. Amol Naikawadi, JMD & Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus said “Through meticulous observation, we discovered that among those with a history of smoking, 71% exhibited elevated LDL (bad cholesterol) levels during their health check-ups, and we observe that this percentage is further higher in case of people with a history of smoking. Similarly, 39% of the obese individuals displayed abnormal ECG findings, underscoring the intricate relationship between lifestyle and cardiac well-being. In addition, we also observed that even the younger generation (male and female) had a higher increased risk of cardiac condition.

2D ECHO30%
CT Angiography39%
Stress Test13%

World Heart Day is a call to action, a universal pulse urging us to protect our most vital instrument – our heart. Awareness alone is not enough; it’s the catalyst for change to take necessary measures at the right time. Act with care, nourish with healthy choices and exercise compassion for hearts battling disease. By our collective resolve, we rewrite the story of heart health. On this day, let’s pledge not just awareness but action, turning the page on heart disease to pen a healthier, longer, and more vibrant future for ourselves and generations to come. Act now, for hearts that beat stronger tomorrow.”

In addition, Indus Health Plus also conducted a genetic study of around 10,000 individuals wherein 24% were found to have a higher genetic risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) and 30% had a greater likelihood of elevated LDL levels, a significant predictor for CAD. Considering this, the company underlines the importance of pre-emptive genetic screening & preventive health checkups that can identify individual risks, guiding personalized strategies for maintaining a healthy heart. It’s a crucial tool for safeguarding your well-being.