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Introducing PURSUE – A brand new Hard Seltzer, made in Goa

Goa:  Goa-based, Mandovi Distilleries today announced the launch of PURSUE – the Miami and Bangalore based Hard Seltzer, which will be bottled and marketed in India. PURSUE is a novel Hard Seltzer brand developed in a global collaboration by top notch flavour specialists, boutique design firms and progressive product artists between Miami, continental Europe, and Western India.

As an alcohol category, Hard Seltzer is a blank slate – unshackled by historical associations or the weight of expectation. A truly versatile beverage and free from conventions. PURSUE was created by taking 4 core pillars into account – Utmost Quality, Detailed & Unique Design, Artistry and Sustainability. PURSUE is an indulgence that defies guilt and encourages freedom in its many forms.

The Hard Seltzer offers four variants inspired by a marriage of global and quintessentially local Indian flavours – Mosambi and Mint, Strawberry and Rose, Peach and White Tea, and Mango and Chilli. This new offering will see a staggered launch at select hotels, bars, restaurants and MOTs, across 2021-22. Starting with Goa and Pondicherry, then followed by Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi NCR and Telangana, PURSUE will be available at a starting price-range of INR 100 onwards for a 330ml pint. Prices will vary from state to state, based on local excise laws and taxes.

Speaking about the new introduction, Anish Reddy – CEO and Founder, PURSUE, shares, “With the ever-evolving pool of consumers who are becoming more experiential and quality driven, the idea behind PURSUE is to promote personal freedom, reshape conventions around alcoholic beverages and create a sparkling indulgence for everyone. We want people to pursue a place that is theirs to experience and one without compromise.”


PURSUE is a fresh, contemporary concept and a reflection of the determined energy and influence of a new generation. The name epitomises the spirit of individualism, happiness and freedom. A cyclical pursuit, where passion, purpose and playfulness are both the means and the end. Pursue makes for a perfect accompaniment through moments that are both simple and celebratory. 


Hard seltzer is an alcohol-based carbonated beverage blended with natural flavours. Bottled in the brand’s zero waste and environmentally sustainable distillery in Goa, Pursue hard seltzer is clean, guilt-free and enjoyable to drink. With 5% alcohol content (Abv), less than 1% sugar and fewer than 110 calories, Pursue Hard Seltzer is made with 100% natural flavours sourced from the finest ingredients and the highest grade of pure grain spirit. PURSUE is best enjoyed chilled from the bottle. 


In making its patented designed bottles, PURSUE took a walk down memory-lane to revive designs of soda-bottles across different decades – a mainstay of languorous summer afternoons from our childhoods. The result is an elegant bottle that retains a sense of familiarity while taking a progressive outlook. Each groove in the glass offers captivating visual refractions when the bottle is filled with effervescent seltzer. 


Dutch illustrator and muralist, Joren Joshua´s lanky characters give tactile form to each flavour. With subtle references to the ingredients and the name of each product, the avant-garde art finds its canvas on the bottle-caps and necks – making each bottle a collectible.

Pursue’s Selection:

Mosambi & Mint is an ode to nostalgia. The rejuvenating blend of juicy Mosambi (Sweet Lime) and fresh mint will take you on a trip to your childhood through the magical lanes of India. The mildly sweet taste with a hint of tart and the refreshing citrus effect makes this concoction a tropical addition to any occasion.

Pursue your inner child with the Mosambi and Mint.

Strawberry & Rose defines the elixir of love. This seltzer brings together the juiciest of strawberries with vibrant roses, making it perfect for celebrations and special evenings. The nose & palate of this carefully crafted concoction will make you fall in love again!

Pursue what you love with the Strawberry & Rose.

Mango & Chilli will set you on an adventure to a place far-far away. An exciting flavour combination of luscious, ripened mangoes and spicy chillies, makes it a perfect companion for all your adventures. This seltzer is a sweet and spicy experience that gives you the taste of newness whenever you find your destination.

Pursue meaningful adventures with the Mango & Chilli.

Peach & White Tea will raise your spirits and take you to the moon. An uplifting mix of fresh peaches with a subtle hint of white tea, this seltzer will leave you wanting for more. The smooth blend delivers a delicate & addictive palate full of flavours that will instantly put you in the groove.

Pursue your rhythm with the Peach & White Tea.