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Jaggery made Ice cream gives deccani food new sweet taste

Maharashtra, AP, Karnataka, in these deccani states in festival times Jaggery is used to make sweets. Now a young MBA passed out is using Jaggery to make ice cream sweeter and healthier. Meet  somnath deepak from Nellore, who has come up with unique blend of cashew and Jaggery ice cream flavor with unique venture Gelato World. Because of this new ice cream flavor many ice cream lovers can enjoy ice cream again. 
Somnath, who refused to join his families’ traditional agriculture trading business, started ice cream venture Gelato World. Somnath informed me that while blending new ingredients for ice cream, I found out that jaggery and cashew complement each other very well as ice cream ingredients. As they bring out the natural flavor in the ice cream. And many people who have sugar related illnesses can also enjoy ice cream, as we use Jaggery instead of sugar. And we have received very good responses from customers. It has become one of the bestselling ice cream flavor for Gelato World.
Somnath also said that nowadays people are getting aware of the harmful effect of artificial food preservatives and synthetic flavors which popular ice cream companies tend to use in their products. That is why many people are turning to Gelato World for healthier choices. Currently the Gelato World serves more than 15 natural flavors along with Kaaju Jaggery we offer  Mamidi Tandra (Mango), Sitaphal, Jackfruit and Sapota flavors.
Somnath Deepak wants to extend his ice-cream reach more. That is why he is offering franchise ones the covid 19 ends and the market becomes normal. Many venture capital firms have shown interest in his unique startup.