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Just Human launches world’s first 24 Hour Shimmer Hand Sanitizer for healthy and glowing skin

New Delhi : Weathering the pandemic over the past few months, masks, hand sanitizers, and sanitizing accessories have become our new everyday essentials. Adding little sparkle and shimmer to our everyday life, Just Human has introduced world’s first Shimmer Hand Sanitizer, a revolutionary formulation that works at a nano level. Taking regular sanitizers a notch higher, this unique formulation combines skincare and beauty as it embodies gold pearlescent leaving a refreshing and natural glow to the skin. Furthermore, crafted with advanced technology and trace amounts of a proprietary smart molecule, it coats the skin with an invisible, impervious yet non-toxic bionic shield for efficient hygiene and safety.

The shield stays active for extended periods and does not lose its effectiveness throughout the day. It doesn’t matter which surfaces we touch through the day – the shield stays intact all the way.  Free of harsh chemicals, Just Human sanitizer maintains the skin’s ph. levels keeping the hands hydrated, glowing & soft. It has been tested and proven to eliminate 99% viruses and pathogens for 24 hours. It’s skin friendly, non-toxic and super safe for kids as well. Made in India with proprietary US technology, Just Human Hand Sanitizer has been tested across various GLP certified labs as part of Regulatory processes for Approvals and Registrations in the United States, Hong Kong and India. It has been conclusively proven to fight against deadly pathogens and viruses.

To get a deeper intense glow, spraying 3 times on the back of each hand is advised, whereas for feet one just needs to spray 2-3 times on each foot for beautiful glowing feet.

Price- INR 460 onwards