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Let Your Skin Glow on the Festival of Lights – innisfree’s Top Picks for Glowing Skin This Diwali

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As the festivities of Diwali begin, there is not a care left in the world. The parties are endless and we can’t wait to deck ourselves in the best clothes and accessories. But the Diwali season also brings its own set of skin issues with pollution and fatigue leading to dry, dull skin and breakouts. After all, it is your radiant skin that is going to help you shine bright this season. With innisfree’s top skincare picks for thorough cleansing and hydration, nothing can stop you from glowing through the Diwali celebrations.

Jeju Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser

The Cherry Blossoms Leaf extract and betaine-infused moisture gel are the key ingredients of the cleanser which will add hydration and an instant glow to the skin. The non-stripping formula is suitable for all skin types and nourishes the skin with Soapbark Extract.

The pleasant scent of cherry blossoms and the pretty pink jam formula will help deep cleanse your face as it has Micellar cleansing technology, and has a low pH level, making this perfect for that hydrated glass-like glow. The clear jam-like texture rolls on the skin, and leaves the skin feeling moisturised even after absorbing impurities.

Price: INR 900/-

Quantity: 150ml

Volcanic Calming Pore Clay Mask

A dual pore treatment that can be used everyday for melting and absorbing excess sebum, blackheads and dead skin around pores. Leaving behind a smooth skin texture that is fully ready every day, and helps boost the benefits of next step skincare.

Its new and improved ingredients are added with a peeling function which would only take an investment of 5 minutes to make the bumpy and dull skin texture clean. Not only this but the new clay mask peels the dead skin cells and absorbs excess sebum!

Price: INR 1,500/-

Quantity: 100ml

  Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule Mist

A moisturizing mist that instantly provides skin with nutrients to quickly boost the radiance of the skin. This dewy mist containing panthenol – a moisturizing agent – instantly hydrates skin to relieve dryness and brightens the complexion.

This mist with micro particles creates an instant moisture barrier as if you have applied a hydrating toner. Easily use this fog-like mist with ultra-fine particles and excellent spraying power at the toner step of your skincare routine or whenever you feel your face is dry.

Price: INR 1,580/-

Quantity: 120ml

Green Tea Seed Serum

A specialised moisturizing product derived from fresh green tea leaves and extracted by double squeeze method, it opens up the moisture path of the dehydrated skin to leave it feeling hydrated and healthy. This best-selling serum allows moisture barrier strengthening in 30 minutes and instantly increases moisture by 710%. It is enriched with the Green Tea Biome which includes Tri-biotics (Pre-Pro*-Postbiotics) in order to strengthen skin moisture barrier and help build healthy skin condition.

The New Hydration Technology of Green Tea Seed Serum 4.0 with Green Tea Biome – Penetrate X Lock X Activate Hydration to create Skin Hydration ecosystem care. It also helps build a stable moisture barrier, stopping this cycle, so you wake up to hydrated and clear skin every day. 

Price: INR 1,950/-

Quantity: 80ml

Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone Up Cream

A lightweight cream formulated with Jeju Cherry Blossom leaf extracts and naturally-derived Betaine which gives a natural, glowing finish after application. The brightening effect of Jeju Cherry Blossom leaf extract and niacinamide vitalizes dull skin to make it look clear and brightens the face as if it is the natural tone.

The moisturizing betaine, naturally derived from sugar beet, builds a barrier to prevent any evaporation of moisture from the skin’s surface, keeping the skin moisturized. It works great base before foundation to give an instant hydrating and brightening effect. Alternatively, it can be applied on the go for a foundation-free and natural pink toned makeup look.

Price: INR 1700/-

Quantity: 50ml