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Mirai Clinical Launches Odor Remover Fabric Spray

San Diego, California: Mirai Clinical ( presents an updated Deodorizing Fabric Spray, a unique product made with Japanese Persimmon that can remove stubborn smells, that is available now. Senior care facilities and gyms can benefit from our odor remover spray as it works well in removing Nonenal, which is a distinct smell that’s often associated with age as higher oxidation rate of lipids is observed among mature adults and those with higher testosterone levels.

In most rooms and facilities, body odor does not directly come from the body, since people wash everyday. The odor comes from the fabrics that are not washed regularly. This is where the Mirai odor eliminator spray comes in handy. Use it at least once a week to combat the accumulation of body odor molecules on fabrics and keep the room smelling fresh at all times.

When it’s time for laundry, use our Pre-soak Laundry Detergent to target odors before regular washing. Follow up during drying time with our Fabric Softener Sheets and you’ve got the freshest home around!

“Our clients are able to transform their living space with Mirai Clinical’s Purifying & Deodorizing Spray. It is easy to use, fragrance-free, and gentle on skin.,” said Koko Hayashi, founder and CEO of Mirai Clinical.

Mirai Clinical doesn’t just sell home products either; they also have products for your body and hair. They are available in full size and travel size to better suit your needs on the go!