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Must have gaming RAMS to ignite your PC

If you’re a gamer seeking to put together a gaming system, RAM is the third most crucial factor to consider after the CPU and GPU. The faster your RAM is, the faster a game will load and, in some situations, you will get greater frame rates depending on the game you are playing. Here, we’ll look at a few gaming RAM options that will match your needs and improve your gaming experience.

Acer Apollo:

Acer’s Predator Apollo RAM, which boasts of ultra-high frequency, ultra-low timing, and overclocking capabilities, is one of the best choices for a really immersive gaming experience. The RAM has RGB illumination in sync with the motherboard software, allowing eight eye-catching independent lighting regions, 10+ light effects, and 16 million RGB colour values. It comes in a ‘cyberpunk inspired’ appearance. Predator Apollo is equipped with a 10-layer PCB, aluminium heatsinks, 15m gold-plated contacts, and the highest quality B-dies to ensure that gamers have the best experience possible.

HP- EX950:

HP EX950 m.2 is designed to provide Higher performance in transferring large files with PCIe Gen3(8Gb/s) x4 as Hardware interface. Built with HP 8 flash memory channel and with 3D-NAND flash memory. Works effectively, with read and write speeds reaching up to 3,500MB/s and 2,900MB/s respectively and has storage upto 512 GB. Equipped with LDPC error correction mechanism to enhance the drive’s longevity and reliability to meet the expectations of the users.

ALKETRON’s Quantum-Cache:

ALKETRON’s Quantum-Cache fosters Extreme Gaming Memory as it’s a high-performance DDR3 for standard and gaming desktop computers. It includes a gaming-quality PCB board and memory chip. Its large heat sink housing allows for maximum gaming performance, and ALKETRON Quantum-Cache supports two channels. Eight separate internal banks and a bi-directional differential data strobe are included. Other features include optimised circuit design for increased efficiency and reduced heat generation, as well as on-die termination with ODT pins.

Corsair Vengeance:

Corsair Vengeance RAMs are made of pure aluminum and are designed for high-performance overclocking and faster heat dissipation. While Corsair Vengeance allows for optimal heat distribution, the ICs are not allowed to be impacted in any way. Without having to fiddle with the settings, XMP 2.0 delivers the quickest possible safe speed. This RAM’s features include a bespoke performance PCB and memory ICs that have been thoroughly inspected.