‘MY™’ introduces India’s first triple action filter mask made of Activated carbon and copper

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Bengaluru: ’MY™’ known for India’s first UV One pocket sanitizer and UV Safe, launched ‘MY’ Series 1 Anti-Pollution Mask India’s first triple action filter anti-pollution masks that wipes out the pollutants, poisonous gases (Sox and NOx) and all known bacteria and viruses with the built-in filters made of Activated Carbon and Copper.

The MY Mask is tested to sustain for 180 days or 6 months with just one wash cycle per week. ‘MY’ masks are focused on creating a pandemic resistant world and aim to do that by helping people understand the importance of wearing a mask and help transition to the new normal without having to sacrifice or give up anything.

‘MY’ masks are priced at 199, the product is available on www.myprotection.in

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