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OckyPocky, India’s first personalized app for English, launches phonetics AI solution for kids

With the incorporation of phonetic features, the brand aims to ensure an exciting learning experience and better learning outcomes for students

New Delhi : English, although one of the most widely spoken languages, is considered complex to master. There are numerous terms with the same spelling yet wholly different meanings. Given that most children across the world are taught English, they must understand the letter-sound relationships in order to read and enunciate correctly. Understanding this, OckyPocky, India’s Leading English Learning app, has introduced a phonetics feature to redefine the way children learn a language. Learning phonetics aids in recognizing both known and unexpected sounds, enhances pronunciation abilities, and fosters independence in understanding words and sounds.

The newly launched feature, with an interactive teaching method, will enable children to read and pronounce words correctly in a fun, engaging way. In an industry where online learning for kids is focused mainly on test prep, OckyPocky delivers crucial language learning programs to help kids achieve long-term success with a firm grasp of the English language. By utilising an AI-based platform that provides real-time feedback to students as they study, OckyPocky ensures that learning becomes engaging and even addictive.

Speaking on the launch, Amit Agrawal, Founder & CEO, OckyPocky, said, “English is the number one elimination criteria for global opportunities for kids. Reading correctly is the foundation for English language skills. At OckyPocky, we are working on democratising English learning using technology, which has been a long-standing challenge in the Indian education system. With the addition of the path breaking phonetics self-learn feature, we will be able to assist vernacular students in developing their ability to decode letters and sounds, which is a necessary skill for acquiring new vocabulary. We will be launching more such features to assist kids in mastering the English language.”